More Ace Combat: Assault Horizon details arise out of Dubai

@XG247: We've collated all the Ace Combat news that's come out of Namco's "Level Up" today.

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Thrungus2775d ago

Looking forward to this!

The_Quiet_Man2775d ago

Same here, last one I played was AC the Belkan War.

On another note, for some reason the article isn't showing up for me, I keep getting "The requested URL /news/05/ace-combat-assault-ho rizon-details/ was not found on this server." tried a few times to connect.

Thrungus2775d ago

Hmmm strange, works for me. Try this link?

The_Quiet_Man2775d ago

@ Thrungus thanks for the link, I think the problem was my internet connection (fine now).