How The PSN Downtime Will Affect The Future Of Digital Distribution -StickTwiddlers

StickTwiddlers Alan analyses how the PSN downtime will affect the future of digital distribution and multiplayer focused titles.

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Yi-Long2773d ago

... seeing how for instance those Capcom PSN games can't be played when offline... which basically means you bought a game you can't play when PSN is down.

b_one2773d ago

Capcom my ass, i wanted FinalFight and kaboom

and to be serious, they wont change policies, there is not much roar over this case in internetz...

Im thinking did they broken internal PSN TOA?

evrfighter2773d ago

for console gamers this is bad. for pc gamers it won't affect a thing. when steam goes down for maintainence I'm still able to play online.

Kee2773d ago

Well yeah, no online- no game sales. It's as simple as that.
So if we moved to a point in time where it was all digital, we'd be having trouble purchasing anything.

tdrules2773d ago

PSN hardly has a huge market share on digital distribution

2773d ago
Godmars2902773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

As apposed to what? The iPhone or iPad?

The DDL "market" is actually several separate markets defined by what content is available to them though they share some. PSN and XBL shares some content but you can't buy XBL games from PSN just like you can't get PSN titles off XBL. With the amount of content on both dwarfed by the DDL available on the PC, the iPhone and iPad.

Its showing how fragile DDL as a whole is, but PSN is still its own separate market just like Kindle and Steam are.

tdrules2773d ago

no, as in Kindle, iTunes, Steam etc
You say the markets are separate, but this article is about PSN affecting Digital Distribution as a whole

B1663r2773d ago

Groan... rotational media fanboys.... Digital distribution will only continue to grow. Physical distribution is coming to an end. Music, news, TV, movies, and yes games will all move to digital distribution in the coming decade.

This is not a reprieve for rotational media. If anything it shows the danger of a device that is locked into a single vendor.

People should punish companies that use DRM like Capcom (cough Ubisoft - AC) DRM does nothing.

Rikan2773d ago

Exactly. This article is a joke. The rest of the gaming world (far larger than the PS3 market) has been gaming just fine. PSN is a crappy 'service' from day one, and I can't stand how these articles portray a 3rd place console's online-woes as 'industry changing'. PSN security sucks--comes with the territory of being a free service. Steam and Xbox live services are going strong. If anything, this will hopefully persuade Sony to invest more in PSN and start charging for the service. End of issue.

XBL has been going for years without hick-ups, and is a far better experience. I just wish all these Sony this and anonymous that garbage would bugger off. This is so typical of Sony: pretending the universe revolves around them when it couldn't be any farther from the truth. Ugh.

tablav2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

The territory of a free service? Excuse me, but I don't recall having to pay for Steam, so that argument is absolute garbage.

Security issues can plague any networking infrastructure. Where Sony has dropped the ball is in their poor response time and lack of communication following the breach.

EDIT: I do agree that Xbox Live and Steam are better services, but I don't really use Live anymore because I resent having to pay.

Rikan2773d ago

*sigh* there is no sense getting into the finances behind Steam. Steam and PS/XBL are not the same thing. The truth is, with any free service they are trade-offs. The argument is valid, try thinking before you speak. Ask yourself, Why does Microsoft charge for their service? Research it. End-result---PSN needs a better online service.

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