Hitman Absolution Engine 'Could Rival The Best'

NowGamer: Glacier 2, the engine set to debut with Hitman Absolution "easily has potential to rival the best" engines according to IO Interactive technical artist Daniel Ben-Noon...

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Greywulf2772d ago

I heard the same thing from games/developers:

1. Epic
2. Brinks Developer
3. Enslaved
4. Kane & Lynch
5. Haze
6. Tryarch
7. Remedy
8. Remedy
9. Eidos
10. Metro203
11. Bungie
12. Crytek
13. Lair

The bars are set by developers that don't try to liken themselves to greatness. They release products and let them speak for themselves.

zeal0us2772d ago

you forgot Dice, my friend.

Kakkoii2769d ago

And yet, many of those developers you specified truly did raise the bar, some on more than one occasion, such as Crytek.

SolidMGSnake2772d ago

I cant wait to see what this game will look like. Blood Money was a great looking game.

Tony-Red-Grave2771d ago

what surprises me is blood money didnt release for ps3 and 360 in mind but ps2 and 360 and K&L2 wasnt a bad game from what ive tred so heres to SE making a good hitman game

Dsnyder2772d ago

If it ends up looking as good as the teaser then it should be great.

sp1deynut2771d ago

...because everything else IOI has put out this gen has been ugly, last-gen garbage. Hitman:BM, and both K&L 1 & 2 were ugly as hell.

bauer0072771d ago

Hitman Blood Money wasnt developed with the 360 in mind you idiot, its not part of this gen! it was an amazing looking last gen game!

Tyre2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

re-issued article? what happened to the whole article has vanished?? just eighties offence.