Brink: Screenshot Comparison - PC vs. PS3 And Xbox 360

Here's a good screenshot comparison for Brink. It's PC vs. Xbox 360 and PS3. PC wins hands down. Second is PS3.

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TomInc2779d ago

Just a bit small but then if you click on "Bild in Originalgröße" they expand. I spent way too long looking for that option! A lot more visible detail on the gun with the PC one there!

SebTh2779d ago

Damn, should have put it in the text too. You're right. Click on "Bild in Originalgröße" an you'll get it in higher res. Thx man.

NobleGamer2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

This game reminds me of Team Fortess or Timesplitters...But one thing is Team Fortess is a way better game...and this game is not..

leogets2779d ago

Shit lookin game n e way. Hardly pushes graphics to the next gen.

joydestroy2779d ago

what i've concluded from all the screen shots is that PC is obv the better one. PS3 has some jaggies, while 360 is using a blur filter for AA to lessen jaggies.

Active Reload2779d ago

But doesn't this game run at 60fps on consoles?

floetry1012779d ago

Brink has to have some of the worst distance blur I've ever seen. They teased us with a clean-looking and vividly colourful CGI trailer early on. Then we got to see the in-game footage and it looked like an ugly mish-mash of vaseline covered tie-dye t-shirts.

Very disappointed in the resulting game. One of the few failures that could have truly been great.