Soul Calibur 5 combat is "lighter, sharper and more elegant"

Soul Calibur 5's fighting system is "lighter, sharper, and more elegant", according to Namco Bandai producer Hisaharu Tago, and you can expect more responsive performance during online play.

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dirigiblebill2508d ago

It was already pretty "sharp" - any quicker and I'd struggle to keep up :p


GrieverSoul2508d ago

Countless hours spent on the first Soul Calibur on Dreamcast. I cant wait for this game. Big fan of the series here.

FamilyGuy2508d ago

Tira <3

My main in SC4, loved the moody fighting style, my favorite schizo.

BubbleSniper2508d ago (Edited 2508d ago )

Taki is beast but Mitsurugi not to be reckoned with.

I was a mean Voldo during the SoulBlade years.

dirigiblebill2508d ago

I used to rock Hwang. Surgical ankle strikes FTW.

LightofDarkness2508d ago

All about the Hwang here. And Mitsu.

outwar60102508d ago

i hate voldo the guy sickens me wtf is up with half the moves he does

MWH2508d ago

lol, i must say you're right.

BubbleSniper2508d ago

More reason to use him. Ha ha ha!

outwar60102508d ago

@ bubble sniper i hope to god i dont meet you online lol

Redempteur2508d ago

a generation shift can mean something hit or miss like third strike or mark of the wolves .. i hope they keep enough old characters on the cast

Croash2508d ago

They will stay, most likely.
But for the series to evolve, things that aren't gameplay mechanics must change.

Look at Tekken, if you forget about the graphics, how are Tekken 3,4,5 and 6 showing the evolution of the series?

The only leap that happened was when they released Tekken 3, featuring a new generation of characters,and it was a great thing.

Soul Calibur has had the same cast from the beginning, it might be time to evolve...

At least Mortal Kombat had a lot of changes when it came to the plot and the characters, it's just too bad the gameplay became worse and worse each new iteration.

Redempteur2508d ago

tekken 4 introduced new mecanics thanks to the stage having a border and tekken 5 with huge customisation . i won't even talk abouthe rage mode or the juggles based combos of tekken 6 ...

xXBlondieVanHarlowXx2507d ago

Soul Calibur 5, Taki, Taki, Taki, <3 <3 <3 :)

SugarSoSweet2507d ago

Half new cast half old cast

That way everyone is happy