Capcom On Strider And Mega Man X9, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Coming To PSN

Siliconera writes "Last week’s “Ask Capcom” video podcast also touched upon other Capcom franchises such as Mega Man X and Strider. Here’s what the latest is on both fronts, from Capcom USA’s Christian Svensson and Seth Killian"

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RedPawn2772d ago

Alpha 3 Max on PSN please?

InLaLaLand2772d ago

It's on the EU playstation store as a PSP essential (the EU do platinum editions for PSP games but essentials are similar to platinum editions).

phoenixdown2772d ago

i see capcom are actually trying to bring back their old school games.

JD_Shadow2772d ago

I like that Capcom is doing that.

However, with regards to a possible X9, I have to disagree with people that want the X series back to the old school SNES style graphics like they did with the classic series, as I don't think it would work as well. Whereas the classic series was, for the most part, on the 8-bit NES (6 out of the 8 games before Mega Man 9) and people would be so used to seeing the series through those graphics, MMX was not like that. It was on a variety of systems and generations, and evolved in that sense with every system it was on. The X series should continue in that regard (it wasn't the change in graphics style that hurts some MM games, but some bad decision making when making the games about adding a third dimension to the play style).

For instance, while not a perfect game, MMX8 is one of the better games in the series that made me feel as though I was playing a current gen (well, at the time I played it) MM game the way it should be instead of Capcom trying to make the game something it's not. This is with the current gen style graphics, and the graphics helped the game be what it was.

MMX9 should be a full game on the next-gen platforms with next-gen graphics, and not going back to "classic" SNES style that wasn't really a part of what made MMX a good series.

InLaLaLand2772d ago

Bring Capcom vs Snk 1 and 2, those were great games.

_Empath_2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Awesome more bus ride games. Capcom better make sure to bring Megaman Legends :) I want that on my psp.

shaun mcwayne2771d ago

sf alpha rules, i also heard sf 3 first strike was comming too, maybe they meant sf alpha 3, ill have both please either or will do me.