PSN Outage - Gamers Rage

Heller wants to play Portal 2 on PC but Tano only has it on the PS3. Gamers Rage is sure to strike him at any moment....

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cakeisalie2778d ago (Edited 2778d ago )

"Heller wants to play Portal 2 on PC but Tano only has it on the PS3."

Tano did it to himself by relying on some company to provide him online access for all his games. He should go open platform and just get a PC, no need to rely on some company just for online access lol.

Anyways in this day and age almost everyone has a PC, you just need a GPU added on to started playing games much better then console.

hellerphant2778d ago

HAHAH I love your comment! So true but so funny!

imvix2778d ago

Lol so true why put yourself at the mercy of some comapany just to be able to go online.

In todays day and age, most games out are rehashes. Gaming has lost the creativity it previously used to have. Portal 2 is one of a kind game, it does things that differentiates itself from the me too crowd.

I have recently gone back to playing old games, since new games pretty much are garbage these days.

I fired up Dosbox and loaded up some of my older games like 16 year old games. PC is a freaking time machine. Feels awesome to relive old memories.

Active Reload2778d ago

Cakeisalie, you and the world knows that people are stuck to brand loyalty no matter what it is and no matter if compared to similar things, that it's sub-par.

bumnut2778d ago

As a pc only gamer, I rely heavily on steam. Isn't that the same thing?

reynod2778d ago

Nope its not, Even if Steam went down. As long as you have the CD keys to the games you bought. you can always download those games, use your CD keys to go online and play.

As an example if Steam was down. You could always still play BC2 on the EA servers. Same goes for any other game.

PC gaming isnt reliant on Steam to go online. With Console you are limited to the network if it goes down, you cant do anything then.

nolifeking2778d ago

So I guess relying on my isp provider seems pretty silly to you. Better tell At&T to shove it and go online without em.

reynod2778d ago

Except the difference is:

PC platform: only needs to rely on ISP

Console: needs to rely on ISP & MS or Sony

So you are effectively relying on 2 different points for your online needs instead of just 1.

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sloth33952778d ago

its ok if he has it on the PS3 since it comes with a free copy for the computer also

reynod2778d ago

Dont think you can do that with PSN being down. Need to register the PS3 copy first then link it to Steam. Atleast thats how i understand it is done.

hellerphant2778d ago

Yeah I'm pretty sure you have to confirm you PS3 copy online before STEAM will allow you to register...

Ohhhhh sorry PS3 owners. I do hope the PSN comes online soon, my old man wants to play some Portal 2 Co-op with me and I have the PC version and his PC simply won't run it.

The trials and tribulations of owning an AMD K6 II :P