New Dragon Ball Game is Coming this Year

Who thought the Dragon Ball series on consoles are dead? Well you are wrong as Namco Bandai revealed today that a new game is set to release this year.

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Dart892627d ago

It better be Zenkai battle royal it looks amazing.

HeavenlySnipes2627d ago (Edited 2627d ago )

Like I said in another thread about Dragonball, I want an open world RPG. Recreate he six cities (and they are destructable) and then make a huge forest, desert and tundra area. Make the dinosaurs and shit be enemies to fight. Make the World Tounament happen periodically for challenge, and retell the sory.

swishersweets200312627d ago

Dbz franchise stopped listening to what every fan wants years ago. :(

shikamaroooo2627d ago

heres hoping for a budokai reboot

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2627d ago

My thoughts exactly. I like the tenkaichi games but budokai needs a reboot. Besides, the character models in budokai are better.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2627d ago

Just barely -_-. It was terrible. They should take that concept, add a story more akin to budokai 1's, add world tournament, evolution z, a beast load of characters, remove the drama pieces, fact just take the grafx from burst limit and slap em on budokai 3, with more characters and modes.

SilverSlug2627d ago

Another one.... let me do an article about how NBA 2K12 is coming.

GunofthePatriots2627d ago

whatever happened to that mmorpg dbz game?

Quagmire2627d ago

Thats only for PC, and only in Korea or Japan, isnt localised unfortunately, but here, watch this awesome trailer for it:

Mikelarry2627d ago

imo after budokai 3 the franchise went sour

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