Namco Bandi dates Ace Combat Assault Horizon in US and Europe

During an ongoing press conference in Dubai, Namco Bandi has just announced that Ace Combat Assault Horizon will be released in the US on 11th October and 14th October in Europe.

There's a limited edition soundtrack available to anyone that pre-orders Ace Combat Assault Horizon on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

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Xof2771d ago

So soon? I can't wait.

With Ace Combat on PS3, all I have to do is finish Lost Odyssey and Vesperia before I can sell my 360.

RememberThe3572771d ago

I can't wait. That was one of the best trailers I've ever seen. This is one of my favorite series but Ace Combat 6 kind of sucked. So I'm hoping it returns to it's console glory.