New Game Releases for the Week of October 22, 2007

"A little bit of everything for gamers this week as the tsunami of game releases crashes onto retail shelves."

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Real Gambler3834d ago

Long time since we've seen a list of games like that! Each consoles, or handheld get a pretty good choice. Costly but awesome week : )

Bazookajoe_833834d ago

Maybe rental for clive and conan, but without multiplayer on clive i don´t see the point in buying it..

Lumbo3834d ago

"Rachet & Crank Future: Tools of Destruction" ??

never heard of that game ... is that a "Ratchet & Clank" spinoff ? and who is "Crank" :p

AllroundGamer3834d ago

wow i will take AC6 + Jericho on Xbox360, Eye of Judgment + Ratchet for PS3 and again none for my Wii aka paperweight :)

ironflag5553834d ago

is ace combat 6 for ps3 also? or just xbox?

Bazookajoe_833834d ago (Edited 3834d ago )

But ive played the demo and it truly sucks. I guess you don´t have a 360, if u have u can play the demo or if anyone u know got a 360. But i really don´t get how some people can like it. One of the worst game on the nextgen consoles...

Edit to Allroundgamer: Well good for you then, allways nice to get a new game. Even if i would buy it i wouldnt have time to play it with all the november games coming=)

AllroundGamer3834d ago

i played the demo too, yeah the gameplay was somekind meh but i will get this game just because of the great music and story/cutscenes :)

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