Toys-R-Us: Buy a Wii, get a $20 Gift Card, Wireless Sensor Bar, and a game (BOGO) for Free

CG - "We’ll keep this short and sweet:

-Buy a Wii for the newly reduced price of $169.99 (White or Black, with Wii Sports, Wii Sports Resort, a Wii Remote with MotionPlus, and Nunchuck)
-Get a $20 Gift Card for FREE
-A Wii Wireless Sensor Bar for FREE
-Get a FREE game when you 'Buy One, Get One' from select titles"

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Otheros002773d ago

-A Wii Wireless Sensor Bar for FREE

What?? You get one with the system. What's the point of getting two of them.

FNAG2773d ago

With a little ingenuity you can control your PC with a Wiimote and the extra wireless sensor bar LOL

X2theG2772d ago

You get a wired one with the system. The wireless is great for those that have all there components across the room or they like NO WIRES!

NESpower2772d ago

They are doing this because Wii will be $149 on may 15th. Don't want angry shoppers so they included the $20 savings now.

FNAG2772d ago

And the wireless sensor bar and free game???

NESpower2772d ago

You don't like a free game? What are you asking? I'm just talking about $20 off $169.99 is $149. They also are going to have $20 Nintendo Selects on the 15th.