Minecraft Multiplayer

This is a first look at Minecraft's multiplayer mode.

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fatalred alarm2657d ago

I still enjoy the game but it takes so much time to build something.

Fragger2k82657d ago

If you're just wanting to build things, then you can always just play the free version, or play on servers that give you access to all the blocks.

I actually like playing on survival multiplayer servers and getting everything myself to build my houses and forts. It makes it more fun, especially with the added dangers of night time.

GUYwhoPLAYSvideoGAME2657d ago

they should make minecraft for consoles, especially ngp, and maybe 3ds(the maybe's for control issues)

FAGOL2657d ago

I haven't played minecraft since 1.3. Have they added some sort of matchmaking or party system? I hate having to run a that server program.

Fragger2k82657d ago

Nah, there isn't anything like that. It would be pretty cool, though.

You don't need to run the server program, though, unless you're hosting your own.

HK62657d ago

"This is a first look at Minecraft's multiplayer mode."

First look? No.