Thor Review - Attack of the Fanboy

Attack of the Fanboy - It’s very rare that we actually dislike a game so much that it invokes hatred. Unfortunately, this comes from the blatant misuse of what could have been an extremely promising video game franchise. Why developers can’t seem to get these things right after 20 years of playing this sort of crap is beyond me. Why is that? Because it is what it is. It’s a cash grab. There’s no emotional involvement here, there’s no original creation of content for the game, it’s not someones baby that has been toiled over for years to make perfect. These things show. They show in their generic presentation, redundant gameplay mechanics, and blatant misuse of one of Marvel’s most iconic franchises.

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VonBraunschweigg2772d ago

The Warriors, from Rockstar for PS2, that's the only really good game based on a movie that I've played. Probably because it wasn't a cashgrab, but a homage to a 30 year old classic.