Pandora's Tower trailer

Nintendo released a new trailer for Pandora's Tower.

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Shok2714d ago

VERY dramatic game lol. The gameplay looks really good though.

kesvalk2714d ago

why the good wii games stay on japan?

dgroundwater2714d ago

Wait till E3. Something like this should have appeal enough to make a western release possible.

Shok2714d ago

F, K...........In The Coffee...

dgroundwater2714d ago

Clear as a crisp spring morning. I knew I could count on it... It never fails!

Infernostew2714d ago

Wow... someone is missing a great opportunity by not releasing this game right away in the US & EU and marketing it as the action/adventure game to play why you wait for Zelda. It looks fantastic!

Venox20082714d ago

Ninty would be idiots if they won't release this at NA & EU :) ...with last story & xenoblade.. :)

Spenok2714d ago

If nintendo doesnt release this in the states i will be a VERY.... VERY!! upset gamer.