8 reasons why everyone should give Brink a try (Bitmob)

Today saw the release of developer Splash Damage's Brink. It's a pretty awesome game, and if you're teetering on the edge of whether or not to dive in and buy, here are eight reasons to take the plunge.

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Tolkoto2602d ago

Is there a way to try it without buying it? Then I'd be happy to.

And don't say pirating.

Nitrowolf22602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

ever hear of a rental store??


Ahh that sucks. Yeah nearly all movie rental retail have gone out of business here. Come on 7 bucks for 5 nights and 8 for one night new releases is not the way to beat gamefly. Ever hear of Coborns? Might be our state exclusive, but i suggest you see if there is one near you. I only know Minnesota and South Dakota locations. They got games for like 2.49 7 nights

Sadie21002602d ago

Ha, my neighborhood Blockbuster is gone!

Zydake2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

My blockbuster is still open but when I go all the new games are usually already taken

soundslike2602d ago

Inevitable 80% off steam sale?

Jazz41082602d ago

I. Purchased it and its a horrible mess

MysticStrummer2602d ago

I'm enjoying Brink quite a bit, but I doubt the CoD crowd will like it much. I think it will end up having a decent community among people who like to play as a team. I've been focusing on Medic and Engineer skills, but just played as an Operative for the first time. I hacked a side gate, killed an enemy, disguised myself as him, and ran straight for the intel my side was supposed to steal. Pretty fun and tougher than average on Normal difficulty. The feel of the movement and shooting take some getting used to though. It's good enough that I wish I didn't have class tomorrow. Two cents thrown.

AKissFromDaddy2602d ago

Agreed. Anyways, my favorite class is Engineer. Gotta love the turret.

shayol33t2602d ago

Im really excited, just have to wait some more days unlike you lucky bastards :P

AKissFromDaddy2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Don't get to excited. Brink has major rooms for improvements but it is still fun to play. So be curios about playing Brink and where you see room for improvement.

PS. Posting on SplashDamage's Forum is the best way to improve this game and give it long legs after BF3.

antz11042601d ago

Heavy engie + minigun + tier 3 turrent = ALOTTA FIREPOWER

AKissFromDaddy2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Took a while, but when you start unlocking abilities, it gets fun. It would be extremely fun if I were playing online(PSN) but the lack of an actual 'campaign' is a kickback but I'm enjoying this game and the challenges are really fun. Buy this game if you enjoy playing as a team that depends on support. I love working as a team(even with bots). Later.

PS. Brink has so much potential to improve. Add an actual story, Team Death Match, More Guns, Better Grenades and BAMMMM! Fun 4 Everyone!

Ducky2602d ago

I'm iffy on TDM as Brink's appeal lies in it's objective-based gameplay.
Though I suppose more game-modes is never bad a thing.

I think there's more than enough guns in the game. I have trouble deciding which one to pick as it is. =/
Then again, more guns is never a bad thing either.

I like the grenades though. They serve their purpose as crowd control.
Claustrophobic environments + unlimited nades = not a good mix

AKissFromDaddy2602d ago (Edited 2602d ago )

Deciding on the guns is hard for me too but I started to choose based on damage but that gun has the worst ADS so I was browsing and thought, more guns wouldn't hurt, you know? However, I understand your viewpoint about the grenades.

PS. I'm waiting to see the grenade launcher. Do you have it?

sickbird2602d ago

the game is alot of fun but right now its laggy as hell. I hope they can fix the pop in with a patch.

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