IGN | Thor: God of Thunder Review

Playing this game is an exercise in patience. The graphics are mediocre at best, and even then the game struggles to maintain a consistent presentation of the world around you. Control is completely spotty.Do not play this game. It's plodding and dull, and isn't even fun in an unintentional way. Just stay away.

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Washington-Capitals2777d ago

Decent movie. Nothing decent about the game.

jriquelme_paraguay2777d ago

the only reason why Movie based games sold, are Easy Achievements and Platinums... LOL

LOGICWINS2777d ago

HHG hyped this game up big time. I don't know why he needs to give everything so much shine.

GLoRyKnoT2777d ago

like we all didn't see that coming.

cyclonus0072777d ago

It's weird. If this game got a 5 or 6, I would definitely avoid it. But somehow, because it got a 3, part of me wants to play it. Not enough to buy, though...

jbiz3302777d ago

and SHAME on the VGA's for focusing on this game last December.. How embarressing.

Urrakia342777d ago

All real gamers know the VGAs are a joke. The only reason I watch is to see the reveal teaser trailers.

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