Frontlines Demo in December On XBLM

At a recent press gathering to get some hands-on time with the forthcoming Frontlines: Fuel of War, Frank DeLise (general manager at Kaos Studios, the game's developer) began the event by offering up a sampling of the single-player portion of the game.

Following the presentation, TeamXbox noted to him that the presentation appeared to be played on a completed demo. When asked if a Frontlines demo would be released in the near future, DeLise stated that one is planned to launch on Xbox Live Marketplace in December

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sak5004045d ago

Reduce the damn price of 120gb HDD already. Whats with all the demos being released on XBL. I know this ones coming in dec but recently so many demos have come out.

predator4045d ago

yeah i know but its good that they are coming out

sjappie4045d ago

it's been pretty quiet around this game lately, I'm curious how it will turn out.

zonetrooper54045d ago

I've wanted yto see how this game turns out to be honest. Gonna download the demo in Decemember and give it a try.