Natsume Will Announce A "Highly-Anticipated" Title For PS3 And Wii At E3

Looks like Natsume is set to announce a "Highly-Anticipated" title For PS3 And Wii at this years E3.

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Cardenjs2599d ago

Natusme is famous for Harvest Moon, and I love me some Harvest Moon

Julie2599d ago

omigosh Harvest Moon please! :3

yoshiroaka2599d ago

Yea it sounds like a harvest moon and i think it would be safe to assume that they are going to use motion controls for the farming and other aspects.

Sounds like a good idea to me.

lazertroy2599d ago

Will it be for the Move.

FLOWCity2599d ago

If it's Harvest moon...OMG..I will love my PS3 again!..I will never put it down...But if it isn't...Well...

MartinGlow2599d ago

That would be enough to warrant me getting one actually!

apollo062599d ago

I think it will be Rune Factory...

soren2598d ago

yep and rune factory is better

Darkseeker2599d ago

Well, the only title on PS3 and Wii they have to announce is Rune Factory Ocean.

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The story is too old to be commented.