MGS4 E for All 07 Interview, Payton says Blu-ray needed for MGS4

Gametrailers interviewed Ryan Payton about new features, user feedback and blu-ray necessity with Metal Gear Solid 4. The most interesting segment being when they asked Ryan Payton if Blu-ray was needed for MGS4. He replies: "The fact remains that we couldn't do what what we're doing on MGS4 without Blu-ray because we really eat up that capacity".

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krackchap4073d ago

hideo kojesus said he wants a 50gb bluray disc for this.
plz hideo end the series with a big bang,make this the most memorable game EVER

Coffin874072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

don't worry, i'm sure it will be.
have you seen the last trailer, where some random soldier notices that another one is takin a dump in this tun-thing, and then this one's running away with his pants half-way up.. xD

this game will be AWEEEEEEEEESOME!!!!!!!!!!
it looks like mgs4 is like the last mgs games - but double everything.
maybe it's as big as gta iv.

and it will sell MILLIONS and MILLIONS AND MILLIONS of ps3, btw. ;D

Skerj4072d ago

Hideo Kojesus = best name EVER and it's true. Bubbles and bubbles and bubbles for you. I'm faking my own death when this game comes out so I won't be disturbed for a week.

zantetsuken4073d ago

They way he talked about Halo 3's ending, it sounds like he's coming right out and saying snake will die :[

jay34072d ago

Well, not only is that a SPOILAR but it was also spectacularly unnecessary! Well done!!!

But seriously, you played Halo 3?

SimmoUK4073d ago

yep and i hope they sort out the capacity issues with assasins creed and GTA and don't cut the game up...

HeartlesskizZ4072d ago

I hope it features a Theater mode just like MGS3S so we can go back and watch all ingame cinematics =).

mighty_douche4072d ago

dude, good shout. im sure 4 is gonna have everything thats in the previous MGS games plus a whole lot more!

THE TERMINATOR4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

I wouldnt hold my hopes up for Resident evil 5 either, damn that should have been PS3 exclusive.

THC CELL4072d ago

i really think thats what its going to come too u no
RE exclusive or timed

Liquid Ocelot4072d ago

when Hideo Kojima said himself that he needed a 50 GB Blu-ray disk but I'm sure that a few X-box fans will come in here and say that he just said it to make Sony happy they always do.

sagapo4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

so Kojima is basicly saying that MGS4 is much much bigger then Crysis, even though it looks only half that good?
Or maybe, like in MGS2, he stuffed the game with LOADS of movies, wich off course take a lot of diskspace.
Be honest people, The only reason you would need all that space is because you don't use (or barely use) any compression what so ever.
I'm NOT saying that MGS4 will suck, hell no, it looks very promising and has loads of potential, but using 50GB would mean that the game would be EXTREMELY huge, as i'm sure it isn't. Take 20hours of single player time (wich is very decent) and that will be it.

DJ4072d ago

It's all done in-engine, which requires relatively little space since animation files are in the double digits; 720p video, at high quality, can eat up into hundreds of megabytes. It looks like while they are still putting a lot of emphasis on the hollywood-quality cinematics, they're also trying to tell a lot more of the story during actual gameplay.

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