Brink Video Comparison - Did The Xbox 360 Patch Make A Difference? (GameBlurb)

[UPDATE: We've re-edited our footage to include the Xbox 360 patch. Even with the 3mb patch applied, the Xbox 360 texture streaming still lags behind the PlayStation 3 version but is a big improvement over the retail version. It's still curious that the Xbox 360 version has a count-down timer when the level starts, but this is missing on the PlayStation 3.]

Our Versus feature pits cross platform titles against each other and you the viewer will decide the outcome! It’s PlayStation 3 vs Xbox 360 and the game that’s going to square off is Bethesda/Splash Damage’s Brink. Which will emerge victorious? Or will the battle end in a wash?

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GOODKyle2774d ago

Wasn't the PS3 the port side of things with this game? WTH happened here.

Ducky2774d ago

idTech4 uses openGL, which might explain why it ports over rather nicely.

StanLee2774d ago

Does it really matter when the game is as disappointing as this is? Got it today. Didn't want to believe the reviews and give this game a chance but God, it's boring. I hope there are new areas and scenarios released soon.

GOODKyle2774d ago

Judging from the fact that you have 1 bubble and I've played the game myself...Brink must be awesome in this perspective.

Muerte24942774d ago

but ps3 does look like it running at a higher resolution. Not by much though.

M4I0N32774d ago (Edited 2774d ago )

hmm yeah and the textures seem to be loading a little bit faster on the ps3.

junk3d2774d ago

Give the other video on the site a watch, it is the pre-patch. The Xbox 360 version took sooooo long to load.

zeal0us2774d ago

OMG the patch make a Big Difference, thank you splash damage.

sickbird2774d ago

the patch didn't do shit, installing the game seems to make a slight difference though.

zeal0us2774d ago

I was being sarcastic jeez

stuntman_mike2774d ago

the art style reminds me a bit of timesplitters. game looks cack tho.

Bay2774d ago

At least they actually decided to do something about the game. PS3 version is still the slightly better one, but get it for whatever system you're comfortable with anyway.

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