GameSpot gives 3.5/10 to Wii's Dave Mirra BMX Challenge

Living in the world of Dave Mirra BMX Challenge would be a blast. Bicycles are the only source of transportation. Every place you go, from schoolyards to shipyards, seems specially designed to make the most of your hobby. The laws of physics are enforced only on a case-by-case basis. And women frequently ride BMX bikes while dressed as schoolgirls.

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MK_Red3779d ago

WTF, 3.5/10 is too much. This game is worse than Wii's Balls Of Glory that got 1 or something from IGN.

It's port of the worst PSP game of 2006 with little to no updated graphics and bad Wiimote controls. 0/10 or -3.5/10 would have been more fitting.

Razzy3778d ago (Edited 3778d ago )

C'mon MK, get your facts straight. It's "Balls of Fury" dammit!! LOL ;-)

Sounds like a porno movie.

Phaqutomb3778d ago

i just cant see how a BMX game will work on the wiimote.

Razzy3778d ago

Where is the quality control these days? Ninty should reject piss poor games like this coming in from third parties. It's getting sad.