CTA's battery pack promises double battery life for 3DS

Third-party gaming peripheral company CTA Digital today announced its Portable Power Battery Pack for the Nintendo 3DS, stating that there is "truly nothing else on the market like it". CTA's announcement came roughly a day after competitor Hyperkin revealed that they, too, are releasing an extended-life battery for Nintendo's new gaming handheld.

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subzero-082772d ago

Are there any more pictures of this thing?

SactoGamer2772d ago

There's one other image on the site's image rotator.

bwazy2772d ago

Looks ******* huge. Seriously, you couldn't even fit that into your pants if you tried!

Thats what she said

bacrec12771d ago

Ill wait till a slimmer version hits. This defeats the purpose almost.

shades722771d ago

I just purchased a couple of replacement batts that fit inside. Ok it means unscrewing the case but not really a hassle and far cheaper and less cumbersome that these add-ons. I'm not bothered by the streetpass glitch either.

Midori2771d ago

Which battery pack did you purchase/what brand? Just curious, since I'm already being affected by the glitch and my 3DS seems to die just from being in sleepmode for two days.

hard joe2771d ago

just wait for the 3DS Lite
hope they improve the battery life