Xbox Live Indie-Dome: May 3nd - 8th, 2011

CFD!'s weekly feature detailing the newest releases on the Xbox Live Indie Games Marketplace returns:

"This was a pretty cool week. A surprise zombie game that doesn’t suck, flaming hobos, DDRPGs… Even if they weren’t cool games, it still would’ve made for an interesting list.

"So make yourself at home, take a look, and remember: if you want to show your support for a specific game or developer, the best way to do it is through your wallet."

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RobsteinOne2772d ago

Sequence, you guys. Seriously.

ShadowPraxis2772d ago

It looks right up my alley. I should at least sample then demo - that way I can be frustrated that I can't afford it at the moment ;P

thebudgetgamer2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

indie games might be my favorite part of owning a 360.

Legion2772d ago

Yep... XNA is what got me back into programing. And it is a free toolset! (unless you want to publish it on Live, then you have to purchase a membership)

Legion2772d ago


Can't afford it???? It's an Indie game... who can't afford an Indie game?

Of course this particular type of game is definetly not up my alley... like we need any more rythem games out there? I was over rythem games after I had "simon" as a kid.

ShadowPraxis2771d ago

Someone who's totally broke at the moment? ;P