Will Modern Warfare 3 Be Fighting Fit By November?

With a troubled development history and more pressure than ever before coming from competing titles, this year’s Call of Duty may not be fighting fit on the day of release. That is if it even comes out this year!

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kyl2772776d ago

if they follow the same formula since COD4 then yes.

Anarki2776d ago

You mean...cod1? I don't recall much has changed apart from the integration of online play

Joe29112776d ago

A simple answer for a simple question... no.

BX812776d ago

Why can't we just get COD4 remade? Exactly the same with better graphics plus new maps. Then the whole COD series goes away for 4 to 5 years and reboots.

nickblue2162776d ago

They copy paste every year I am sure this crap company will hit November. COPY PASTE COD EVERY YEAR!

gamingdroid2776d ago

I mean, every year we get COPY PASTE FPS and TPS. KZ3 and Halo: Reach isn't that different. Same mechanic, same view and similar game play.

I mean it is crazy! COPY and PASTE.

nickblue2162776d ago

Yeah I agree, but come on man killzone and halo atleast make "Upgrades" where as Cod makes none. Battlefield made a huge leap tho & that's where my money will be going>>>

Wolf9512776d ago

Oh it will be out, they will not miss the Christmas buying season. The game is going to be at E3, and if it was going to be delayed I think they would have said so. As Bioware have done with Mass Effect 3.

PrimordialSoupBase2776d ago

For the tasteless idiots who buy it every year? Sure.

ATiElite2776d ago

Do you mean will Modern Warfare 3 be more $60 DLC of Modern Warfare 1? then the answer is YES.

MW3 brought to you by CopyVision! nothing new since 1999

and yes Bobby kotick approves this message.

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