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Mortal Kombat returns, yet again, for another chapter in the notorious long running franchise that through it's highs and lows has remained as one of the hottest selling fighters in the market today. “FINISH HIM!” “Fatality” That's right, MK in all of it's bloody good fun, complete with spine ripping, head tearing, and blood gushing content.

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joydestroy2772d ago

was never really into MK until this game. it's that good!

Wolf9512772d ago

I was going to pass on it but the reviews have been great, I will have to get this soon.

zeal0us2772d ago

the game is actually pretty good, story isn't some crap they threw together, its actually interesting. no more dial-a-combo, lots of modes and the online been pretty good, they just got to fix the lag issue in some cases.

ZombieKiller2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

Yeah a change in netcode is needed. But if you look at the tournament scene, it's all offline anyway. So I don't usually count the online mode as part of my judgement. At least not in a fighting game. The game itself, is phoenominal. Best in the series and my favorite fighting game. The next time someone gets their head cut/blown in half, look closely at the detail. You can see the freakin tongue and teeth for shit's sake(try shang tsung's identity crisis fatality to see what I mean)! The characters, background, the kombat, the story, the challenge tower, EVERYTHING rocks about this new MK!