The 1UP Show: Unreal Tournament III, Too Human, Nintendo Summit

'What a delightful mash-up we have for you on The 1UP Show this week! Who could have ever thought you'd see Silicon Knights Denis Dyack and Epic's Mark Rein in the same place? Only Team 1UP Show can make this happen (through the magic of reality, due to ongoing litigation, they are miles and days apart).'

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Jones Miller4073d ago

PS3 version of UT3 is great! I´m not really into those kinda arcade shooters so instead I was really stoked about Too Human and the awesome interview they did with Dennis Dyack. Wow this cutscene when a bear appears above the soldiers head had me aching for this game!

Daytona4073d ago

I'm guessing we'll see Too Human II by Xmas of 2008 since there already deep into it's design.

This makes gaming on a series so much more fun knowing you can move from one game after playing it out to soon the next in it's series.

Hella good news:)