Is the 3DS Worthwhile For Hardcore Gamers?

How many people do you know that play exclusively on consoles like the PS3 or 360? I know many, and they aren’t sold on the 3DS idea. That having been said, I have some friends who are obsessed with Nintendo and they love the new system. However, when push comes to shove, does the 3DS deserve a shot by complete hardcore gamers? For example, the Metal Gear Solid, Resident Evil, and Splinter Cell fans that would hate to pass up a new game in the series, even if it isn’t a big adventure on a disc?

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jha12232777d ago

Couldn't stand it personally ... I'm not a huge mobile device junkie to begin with (though you can pry my iPod and my Droid out of my cold dead hands).

I've tried the 3DS a couple of times and it never made me think "wow, i wish Splinter Cell was on here".

blu_yu_away2777d ago

MGS3 is one of my favorite games of all time, I actually prefer the game play and story over MGS4. I would LOVE an updated version but it's not worth buying a 3DS for. I'll continue hoping for an HD remake on PS3.

JimmyJames702777d ago

I'm passing on the 3DS. Holding out for an NGP.

solidsnake2222777d ago

Yeah, I can';t wait to get my hands on an NGP, looks amazing, and I'm sure we'll have our minds blown at E3 in June.

PS360WII2777d ago

Of course it is :) though hardcore is a subjective term

Venox20082777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

yes it is...but if you want a lot of "hardcore :)" games, you have to wait for a while.. by the end of this year it will be best handheld for me that I ever had :) at the moment it's good too, but there's a lack of games..system is cool though