2011's Biggest Brawl: Modern Warfare 3 vs. Battlefield 3

With the recent Modern Warfare speculation news popping up everywhere, the industry is about to see it's biggest battle yet, Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3. There's no doubt that gamers are ready for it but what about Activision and EA, are they prepared to go head to head?

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flankhim2772d ago

I think it's time for Battlefield 3 to take the crown. Call of duty is getting a little boring with only infantry and kill streak rewards.

hiredhelp2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Battlefield 3 comes in with a knockout blow with a RPG to the guts of activision's bobby kotick. wow see that man fly threw the walls with destruction.

xYLeinen2772d ago

The media sets up MW3 and BF3. I have heard nothing about the new MW3 except it's coming out right before Christmas.

I know DICE have used a long time developing the Frostbite 2.0 engine and have put a lot of work into BF3. We are going to have a beta like DICE usually does it which I appreciate. What do we know about MW3? Is the engine updated? Will it follow the same footsteps? Do we finally get a beta to sort out glitches, bugs and balance issues before release for once?

In my subjective opinion, as I think of the CoD franchise, they do not stand a chance against BF3. I need to hear some mind blowing information to even think they will deliver a better quality game.

Dart892772d ago

They will never make a cod beta public again because if people find out that the game will suck they will lose sales.I believe they are using the same engine they used for mw2 because they said and i quote *Using a new engine will be counter productive*.

blu_yu_away2772d ago

I have no doubt that BF3 will be the all around better, and more groundbreaking, game. But I also have no doubt that MW3 will still outsell it. Unfortunately most likely by a significant amount.

Doctorofreality2772d ago

To be honest it feels like its activision and tones of cash vs. EA and the rest of the gaming industry.

Battlefield will kick ass. but mw3 probably will aswell. Or whatever game gets pumped out. They have to be careful though coz alot of poeple didnt like black ops. Well i say a lot..

Kee2772d ago

EA are NOT allied with the rest of gaming.
They are just as evil and corporate as activision with their yearly instalments of tiger woods, madden, fifa etc. etc.

lugia 40002772d ago

Kids want modern gayfare
Man want BF3

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The story is too old to be commented.