Gabe Newell Did Not Make Decision to Develop For PS3

When Sony’s E3 press conference last year commenced no one had thought Valve co-founder Gabe Newell would come out and announce Portal 2 for the PlayStation 3; a shock for many after the acclaimed developer criticizing Sony’s black behemoth machine. Now, it seems that Gabe wasn’t the person who made the initial decision to start developing for the PS3.

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LOGICWINS2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Funny, thats not the story I heard from people in the N4G comments section.

Dante1122772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

So some people who worked in Valve wanted to develop games for the PS3.

"That’s why we’re working on the PS3 now,because we had about four engineers – some of which have worked here for a few years –who were annoyed that we hadn’t developed for that platform, and they were willing to cross over."

Edit: @ LOGIC Who said anything about majority? Are you mad that Valve makes games for the PS3 now?

Edit2: @ disagrees Some= Majority now? And I don't even see how you're trying to spin this into something negative. Valve are still making game for the PS3 now lol.

WhittO2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Whatever the case of who actually wanted to make the PS3 version, they must ALL be P/O!!

PSN went down JUST as their game launched, and after putting all that effort into cross-game play with PC and Steam features for PSN, then noone has barely had a chance to even use them yet!?
Or have a chance to even use their servers or anything lol.

I would think they place this blame on Sony too, not the hackers, it makes them seem incompetent, wonder if it will effect future games/DLC??

Pixel_Pusher2772d ago

And yet we got the better version out of the two consoles.

Wobbuffet2772d ago

I'm just glad that they have decided to work with ps3.

Off topic look at these people freaking over psn lol

YodaCracker2772d ago


LOL. In what way was it better?

badz1492772d ago

question for you, in which way it isn't?

onanie2772d ago

Not the majority perhaps, but those "four engineers" were enough to change Valve's direction.

It's a kind of important logic to leave out, isn't it?

gta28002772d ago

Does it matter who made that decision? Only thing that matters is that it has finally happened.

WhittO2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

lol @ Disagrees, ok, so some random hackers made their way into the PSN, stole everyone's (Millions!) personal info and has left Sony to pick up the pieces for the past couple of weeks??

How does that make them seem competent again?

Especially when Amazon etc have also been targeted in the past but barely flinched at all.

KDubyah2771d ago

Ha, way to dodge the question dude. Not confident?


badz1492771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

it's not that I'm not confident but I would like to know why he thinks that the PS3 version is not the better version of the 2. getting PC copy for every PS3 copy is enough to warrant "THE BEST VERSION"

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LOGICWINS2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

"That’s why we’re working on the PS3 now,because we had about four engineers – some of which have worked here for a few years –who were annoyed that we hadn’t developed for that platform, and they were willing to cross over."

4 engineers make up the majority of Valve?

"So MOST who worked in Valve wanted to develop games for the PS3."

Thats what you originally wrote...and then you changed it like a coward. THATS why your getting disagrees.

RedDead2772d ago

"Thats what you originally wrote...and then you changed it like a coward. THATS why your getting disagrees."

This is the truth people

Dante1122772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Red, stop trolling. That might be why you have one bubble now.

@ Logic

Oh, personal attacks now? Also it appears that you changed your comment around there times already. By your logic, are you a coward as well? Serious question, what happen to you today that has you so hurt?

B1663r2772d ago


No we have one bubble because when the PSN disaster started, the mods went through and took all of our bubbles for saying anything negative at all about Sony at all.

phantomexe2772d ago

"Logicwins" I think you get what he trying to say and he is right.

Funny_Observation2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )


In 6 words you said 'at all' twice.

catguykyou2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

I lost two bubbles for the following comment which was marked as trolling.

"Ignoring the fact that they did a horrible job of encrypting our information (which was just stored as plain text), I would say the people who were hurt the most were the developers/ other companies who have titles that rely on PSN and or sell software through Sony's store on PSN. They have been making 0 money this entire time. This is seriously going to hurt Sony's reputation with these developers. I know everyone here thinks the only games that matters are the ones Sony makes themselves, but this isn't the case. This was not done professionally or handled well at all. I'm not talking from a customer stand point. I'm talking about from a company to company standpoint."

Still not sure why.

BabyTownFrolics2772d ago

i too lost bubbles for for being critical of Sony during the outage, said nothing fanboyish, just stating an unpopular opinion.

I want my PSN up as much as anyone else, just glad that netflix on the ps3 still connects since I prefer it over netlfix on my 360.

catguykyou2772d ago

I can't tell if I got disagrees because you disagree that I lost bubbles for the above comment or you think the comment is trolling. If someone who disagreed could respond why you consider it trolling, it would help be with future comments. Thanks :)

No Way2771d ago (Edited 2771d ago )

I've been here long enough, to know that people disagree no matter what.
It really doesn't matter what you have to say, or how you word what you say.
People on this site, will disagree for no other reason than to disagree.

I used to have seven bubbles, back in the day, though, makes me mad! >.<
Though, it's cause the damn site changed, it dropped me to four bubbles..
Iduno why though, hmph. Oh well. Don't worry about disagrees, lol.

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undercovrr2772d ago

You sound surprised to find out that many n4g users are full of it

FamilyGuy2772d ago

"“Having someone tell someone else what to do [at Valve] would just be completely destructive to Valve. We’re completely allergic to that.”

Valve has yet to sneeze."

I LOVE this lol

Vherostar2772d ago

Who cares though is it really that big of a deal?? Are the people writing this happy that he didn't? They trying to prove he a fanboy or something?? Articles like this are a pointless waste of time.

TVippy2771d ago

Of course he didn't, he's a smart man, he still hates the machine.

50Terabytespersec2771d ago

Funny I heard he made a decision to eat a dozen doughnuts lmao!
Give us a new improved half life game with new next gen engine!!! or go back to running Steam and making repetitive Serious sam type of games like Left for dead with a ridiculous marketing budget!

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rabidpancakeburglar2772d ago

Doesn't matter. All that matters is that his opinion of the ps3 changed after developing on it

iamnsuperman2772d ago

I am glad those engineers saw a good move unlike Gabe. Funny when he had to come out at E3

Shadow Flare2772d ago

Well it takes a big man to go back on your words. And gabe is a big man

LOGICWINS2772d ago

Funny how a story that "doesn't matter" just reached 100 degrees in less than 3 minutes.

rabidpancakeburglar2772d ago

Thanks for the d*ck comment, I never said that the story didn't matter, I was saying the fact that he didn't make the decision didn't matter

LOGICWINS2772d ago

WOW..not that serious bro.

Dante1122772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

What's wrong with LOGIC? He tries to make everyone out to be hurt by this or something.

Edit: Oh, I'm hurt now. So far you've called me a coward, liar in caps lol.

LOGICWINS2772d ago (Edited 2772d ago )

Ummm..if ur "hurt" by anything I said, I guess I apologize, that wasn't my intention. I was simply just speaking my mind.

BlackTar1872772d ago

logic what a waste of bubbles.

rabidpancakeburglar2772d ago

I understand, I often get disagrees for speaking my mind as well but most times that I get a reply from you it seems like a personal attack. It's probably not but just think about what you write before you do so

solidjun52772d ago

@rabidpancakeburglar don't be suprised.That's how deadreckoning666 works

Legion2772d ago

What is funny about it? Just get some fanboys ranting going on and you assure yourself some hits.

wsoutlaw872772d ago

@logic im really trying to figure out a logical reason why this story is getting you all worked up. Portals already on the ps3, not to mention with steam. If it makes you feel better thinking that Gabe is a fanboy then go for it. No ones worried about it, the ps3 got the better version of portal 2 so its cool.

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AnttiApina2772d ago

It would be ridicilous to think that Gabe decides everything inside the company.

Valve is huge and these decision aren't made by few persons.

Sony3602772d ago

Indeed. What difference does it make who's decision it was?

Valve's "nobody tells anyone what to do" worth ethic is incredible. More developers should adopt it.

Just look at the amount of creative ideas and success they've had as a result.

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theonlylolking2772d ago

I dont really care. As long as portal is on PS3 and runs very good then I am happy.

lazertroy2772d ago

Still needs his approval.

Raendom2772d ago

Just a question: was it his decision to develop for Wii2/HD? I read an article saying Valve have plans for it.