Missing In Action: TimeSplitters 4

Bits 'n' Bytes Gaming's Martin Watts takes a trip back in time to revisit one of the greatest first-person shooter series ever made. Could TimeSplitters make up for lost time and return to our screens one day? Check out Martin’s thoughts inside!

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Anarki2777d ago

I miss time splitters...

a_squirrel2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

...and Star Wars Battlefront...

-Alpha2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

It was a fun series, but there are just so many other shooters to deal with that I don't think it can stand out as much anymore like it used to.

If only they scrapped Haze and went with TS4. Yet, FR fell into the cesspool of generic military shooters.

Whatever happened to that trailer anyway? Is it still being made or have things changed since they became Crytek UK?

Urrakia342777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

There are many other shooters but none really compare to Time Splitters. Most shooters these days try to be taken way too serious but Time Splitters was never about that, it was more about just pure fun and comedy since it would sometimes parody other games. Those qualities are what made Time Splitters special and stand out from others in the genre.

soundslike2777d ago

there's a way it can stand out, actually several

-Built in Map-Maker
-non-linear levels
-Arcade sensibilities (challenge modes)

Basically the same thing they've already done...but better.

sikbeta2777d ago

Yes, there are so many shooters and almost all of them are generic military shooters, right there is the answer of WHY we need TS4...

mastiffchild2777d ago

Got to politely disagree Alpha. I think if there's one series the shooter world is CRYING out for right now it's a good return from TS. As soundslike says, it only really NEEDS to come back and do what it already does but do it in a modern, current gen manner. The ideas and feel is already in place and I'm certain between FRD and Crytek themselves there's plenty of tech knowledge to make the game shine and allow it's individuality to carry us away again.

There's nothing remotely LIKE the series and despite it's comedy trappings and gentle digs at other games the fact remained you could always become a REALLY good TS player because it was, like most popular games, easy to pick up but hard to completely master. While I always think of it as a Sony game(all the time spent playing on PS2 I guess) I see no reason a new game wouldn't appeal across both HD consoles and PC. PC gamers would love messing with it I'm sure.

One thing I would hope for, though, would be a lot of splitscreen options for us old fans to relive some of the series old glories on a bigger bit of screen! I often wonder whether, had Sony thrown their weight behind a new TS instead of Resistance(don't get me wrong I love Resistance but it ISN'T TS)if we MIGHT have seen a shooter exclusive do massive numbers on the console by now.

KZ2/3 are good games but losing the baggage of the first was always going to be tough, Haze was killed by politics and TS is easily different enough to have stood on it's own two feet on PS3. I honestly think it was a better bet than either of Sony's own PS3 shooters or FRD's own attempt-not a better game in every way but merely that it would have had a better chance just by being so unique. Socom was always going to have to change to make a grab(much as we vets LOVED the old games)for mainstream gamers and MAG was never aimed at them so why didn't anyone make a go of a franchise Sony gamers knew and was ripe for another shot?

Am I the only one who thinks, and I've done so all generation, that TS was a missed chance from Sony? If they managed to end up with Haze surely they could have gotten TS4 as well/instead, no? I just think it ould have been better in terms of sales and, in my eyes, fun as well. I dunno, though I've liked other shooters just as much for their qualities(Warhawk, TF2, Halo, CS, KZ2, FoM, Gears)recently, if I ever had more pure FUN playing any other shooter. Bring it back-Sony gamer AND 360 gamers would love it and to imagine the mods a PC community might make is even better even beyond the expected map maker stuff on console.

-Alpha2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

I definitely see yours and sikbeta's point. I'm not saying it would be a bad game, just a game that would pass by like so many others. Shooters on consoles are dominated by big names and semi-big names (Crysis). A game like Timesplitters I doubt would go far past the old fans.

It's most definitely different though, and I guess that's its strongest point.

persistentlobster2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

To be honest I didn't even read your comment but i commend you with a bubble for writing that short essay.

Gahhh I had to read it. And I entirely agree with you that it would bring a much needed breath of fresh air to the market but judging by how little of my friends actually even knew about the series and how low of views this article received I sadly doubt it would do very well. And i'm glad someone other than myself still gives a damn over split-screen multiplayer. It's like the developers this gen are just like "nah, gamers don't have friends/girlfriends we'll just give 'em online multiplayer". My best gaming memories were sitting around the house with my buds kicking their asses with the ghost gun as Robofish. For the same reason I loved the first Resistance and RE5. Ah well... at least if they don't give us a new TS this gen I hope we'll at least get a Farcry 3 that's actually a true sequel this time and set back in the jungle.

Dead_Cell2777d ago

There's never been a game series like Timesplitters. It's really hard to put your finger on but anybody who's played them understands. Everything just..."works". Nothing feels tacked on or stupid or overpowered, it's just pure fun.

DeadlyFire2776d ago (Edited 2776d ago )

Well Crytek UK is presenting thier mystery highly popular title at E3 they claim. So we will find out soon enough what they are working on. Wether its TimeSplitters 4 or Battlefront 3. Its more likely Timesplitters 4, but who knows. Crytek claims Crytek UK are free to work on their dream project whatever that may be.

As for Battlefront 3. Even in the best case scenario that build of the game shown in the that trailer was likely scrapped in favor of CryEngine 3.0 if Crytek UK kept the property to develop it. Rumors are swirling around Spark Unlimited being the developer of Battlefront 3 now. Its been 2 years since 2009. Its very likely either way something solid is about ready to be shown to the world. We will find out soon if that game is in development or not at E3. Lucasarts will be at E3. Crytek UK will be at E3. Spark Unlimited I believe will be showing their "popular high profile game" at E3.

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Relientk772777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

We need Timesplitters 4. It's such an awesome series and always fun

CBaoth2777d ago

Crytek didn't buy Free Radical because of Haze's excellence. They wanted an already established, viable console IP to compete in an oversaturated market. Crysis, while great and it garnered much attention in the PC community, was still a lesser known entity amongst console gamers.

Now that CrytekUK finished the MP portion of Crysis2 I imagine we'll see a TS4 teaser by next E3. And since those chaps have a little experience with the CryEngine3, hopefully that bodes well for us TS4 fans!

DeadlyFire2776d ago

E3 2011 Crytek UK is presenting their game not 2012.

SpLinT2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

needs to have health bars, 500 characters, map maker, 100 challenges, monkey, zombies, ghosts, monsters, hot maids, 30 +multiplayer modes, Siberia, wild wild west, futuristic city, robot factory2.0, etc. Anything less, dont call it Timesplitters4.

mastiffchild2777d ago

Thats;' the thing- we all KNOW what it needs. THEY always knew what it needed too-so why on Earth, at the start of this generation didn't Sony get FRD to make it? Why haven't Crytek got them on it as a multiplat now?

In a generation ruled by po faced FPS games we somehow lost the poster boy for the irreverent shooter just when it was needed most? Why the eff would we allow this to happen. Why did Haze get made and TS4 NOT get made? The politics of this generation have often stunk but rarely as much as what i think happened to FRD over Haze and their other, lost(for now) projects.

TS4 would have done great numbers(either exclusive or multi imho) and would have been just as much, if not more, fun than we remember-I don;'t see any reason for them to mess it up as they know what they're doing with it and it wouldn't have ever needed to be the bestest GFX ever to start with-and being honest the core shooting of Haze was pretty good it was everything else that sucked-but they'd only have NEEDED the shooting from it anyway. Gah, I miss TS and this isn't helping.

I just think it was an easy game, in many ways(cos we all knew what we'd want and the devs would have known too)for them to have gotten right first time and reeks of missed opportunity. hope we all get a new one , one day-surely Crytek must know there's a market out there for a non grey, non serious shooter but WITH the MP modes and splitscreen we all love? then again IF Sony couldn't figure it out and secure it and FRD didn't push it why would Crytek do any better/more with it?

I always hoped it was partly WHY they bought up the ailing FRD in the first place.

Hazmat132777d ago

edwina is one creepy ass girl.