Battlefield 3 Fan-Site Sells Fake Beta Keys and Hacks, What You Need to Know

This time, the big bad company isn’t the bad guys.

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Uncharted3Goty2771d ago

EA and Dice should take actions right away before alot of more People become victims of (Beta syndrom)

dooge2771d ago

I can't believe people are falling for this. Well, on the other hand...

samvanzoest2770d ago

I can't believe that site calls itself "the number one Battlefield community".

Anyway, good read. Thanks!

davidov922770d ago

You can't really expect a big game to just do a fly-by unnoticed, without someone trying to profit. It's bound to happen with just about every major game with a serious multiplayer component.

Floxcie2770d ago

I like how DeltaGamer responded to the statement made by those scammers.