What if Valve Took Over the PSN?

TGR dream about a brand new Steam-powered PSN, writing "what if Valve took over the PSN? What if Sony decided that now was a good time to rebuild it with Valve’s technology? And what if that’s why the PSN restoration is taking so long?"

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BigDan802779d ago

i'd love that. totally love it.

Dante1122779d ago

A Steam based PSN? Interesting theory...

sammykiernan2779d ago

Yes, I thought this was going to be a silly rumour but it turned out to be a good read. Someone put the idea to Valve :-)

BigDan802779d ago

it is. imagine how nuts people would go if that was announced next week lol

pixelsword2779d ago

If they could do it and still keep the PSN free, then meh, I'd be willing to hear them out; otherwise, no.

Kee2779d ago

@pixelsword, yeah that's the only thing...
No one is really making money out of the deal (assuming there was one) unless we, the gamers, pay for either steam or psn. It may be cool but it'd be costly and probably not worth it.

That kind of integration may actually have been more likely on the xbox because some PC games (a little fuzzy on the details) have a certain kind of coding that can transfer directly to the xbox as they're both runable on microsoft OS.

But again, who knows? It's something I'd like to see on the PS3 but it looks extremely unlikely.

catguykyou2779d ago

The company that hosts the service gets ad revenue and a cut of whatever is sold on the network. I'm fairly sure it costs companies to put items on the network as well.

Zydake2779d ago

Then I will have Gabe Newall's crumbs all over it Lol.

But wow at the ad>> of the woman's legs being real or illusion.
Id pick the illusion :D

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Cardenjs2779d ago

Would definitely be worth a shot, they could run the Regular PSN and the Steam Based PSN simultaneously so that if one fails, the other will still work. Only bad part is that you need 2 accounts.

PoisonedMonkey2779d ago

Not sure how much people would like two systems on one console, but it's a great failsafe idea and would certainly have helped over the past couple of weeks!

Cardenjs2779d ago

@ PoisonedMonkey

Would definitely serve as a good, actuate beta

Ducky2779d ago

Waste of resources if they run simultaneously.

I doubt this'll happen as in order to use Steam, games must incorporate steamworks. Not sure if developpers would like that.

Wobbuffet2779d ago

Add VAC (valve anti-cheat) to online games would be a nice touch too, damn glitchers!

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flankhim2779d ago

They should just take over the whole gaming division. So Socom 2 can get a real update.

PoisonedMonkey2779d ago

A few rounds of Extraction of FishHook?

Sounds like a stellar idea.

FACTUAL evidence2779d ago

If steam took over psn, psn will have the launch features it was supposed to have...including name change feature, and voice messaging.

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2779d ago
Emilio_Estevez2779d ago

This needs to happen....Great idea.

theonlylolking2779d ago

I just want Sony to just change PSN and have it steam. All PSn trophies would be moved over to steam, all games would be moved over and every multiplatform game would be cross platform(Ps3 and PC).

undercovrr2779d ago

Much easier said than done. Also, that would cost alot of money, which Sony is not willing to spend right now after losing billions on the PSN outage

2779d ago
sammykiernan2779d ago

Sounds like the idea to spend money, stop it happening again.

B1663r2779d ago

What if red was green?

PoisonedMonkey2779d ago

Then a lot of people would get hit by cars at zebra crossings.

Kris2k02779d ago

And trees would look odd.

NateCole2779d ago

The we would have red lantern

Saladfax2779d ago

...and the Green-Red Show.

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