PSN Hackers - The Movie

When a band of hackers are framed for taking down Sony's PlayStation Network, all hell breaks loose. Now, it's time to boot up or shut up!

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Led-Zeppelin2773d ago

Lol "Im taking down the PSN network!" Mom: "Ok as long as your not jacking off in there"!

squallheart2773d ago

"Say whaaaatttttt" i dont know why that part had me laughing xD

GrieverSoul2773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

*movie trailer voice*
he thought the girl was out of his league

Pretty girl: Hi!
Hacker: Ooppsss... jizz in pants for first girl contact in 18 years.

*movie trailer voice*
He decided to hack her computer

Pretty girl: How do you know so much about me?! He have the exact same taste. Its like you can read my mind...
Hacker: Ooppsss... jizz in pants for second girls contact in 18 years.

*movie trailer voice*
She found out the truth

Pretty girl: I cant believe you hacked my computer! Thats why you knew so much about me!
Hacker: Ooppsss... jizz in pants for third girls contact in 18 years.

*movie trailer voice*
How will he win her back? How to prove he actually likes her! Will he stop ejaculating everytime he sees her? Dont miss the next teenage blockbuster drama in theathers... NOW!!!

jdoggystyyle2773d ago

lol this kinda reminds me of the sony defense force fanboys on this website lol with pirate thom leading the charge.

NateCole2773d ago

You mean the site that was run by an xbot to make PS3 fans look bad?.

beavis4play2773d ago

jdoggy - what are you talking about? the pirate isn't a fanboy - i've found him to be fair and knowledgeable about gaming.

morkendo232773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

GUY: sony may never come back online OTHER GUY: thats bullshit!

Who2773d ago

A bit lame, but at least it lightens the mood of what's going on now.

Angelina Jolie gettin' semi-nekkid was the best part of the vid, the hair was a major turn-off though.

CrzyFooL2773d ago

She was hot as hell with that short hair! I'm revoking your dude credentials.

RandomDude6552773d ago (Edited 2773d ago )

Get out of here short hair fanboy! lol

SpLinT2773d ago

that voice in "oh ya, maybe they will..." is funny

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