GameInformer: Lego Pirates Of The Caribbean Review

GameInformer: "At this point in the LEGO series’ lifespan, you’re either on board with the concept or have already abandoned ship. LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean doesn’t enhance the LEGO franchise as the Clone Wars game did a few months back, but it offers another well-executed entry.

Not surprisingly, the game loosely follows the adventures from the four Pirates of the Caribbean movies. If you didn’t fully understand what was going on in the films, don’t expect to gain any insight here. The minifigs’ pantomimes and slapstick routines provide plenty of chuckles and odd references to pigs and carrots, but even they can’t make any sense of the series’ convoluted mythology. Suffice it to say, all you have to worry about is slashing the bad guys, breaking crates, and collecting piles of valuable LEGO studs. You know the routine by now."

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