GameInformer: Section 8: Prejudice Review

GameInformer: "Three modes share the stage in Prejudice: Campaign, Swarm, and Conquest. The campaign eats up about five or six hours with passable-yet-uninspired genre fare. While the original game’s single-player mode was essentially a tutorial, this sequel features a full (albeit brief) story complete with generic cutscenes and objectives. It doesn't turn the FPS world on its ear, but attempting to create an actual campaign mode is a step in the right direction.

Swarm mode should be familiar to fans of Horde, Firefight, or any other “us against them” wave-based modes. Just like in those, you assemble a team of up to four soldiers to defend an area against enemies of ever-increasing numbers and difficulty. While the concept is nothing new, the ability to spend currency on turrets and other defensive structures adds an element of strategy not typically seen in similar modes."

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