Wal-Mart to Cut Video Game Prices

Wal-Mart Canada Corp. has pulled the trigger in what is shaping up as a holiday-season price war in video games, preparing to cut prices to U.S. levels on new releases and some current games.

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Quickstrike4073d ago

now people can buy games at a cheaper price :) if only i wasnt against wal-mart i would go there and buy games from them again.

level 3604073d ago

Yeah Wal-Mart show 'em how it's done... and spread the news around the globe, so we can finally get some really good discount ( bundle ) deals.

mesh14073d ago

i cant belive some ps3 fanboy on 1 of the threads tryed his ps3tard fanboys acts saying sony is the only company maching the canandian price to the usa price now we see the whole industry is moving towards that not sony bu retailers.

Mikey_Gee4073d ago (Edited 4073d ago )

If you are out of the loop that we call the WORLD ... the Canadian Dollar is now on par or worth even more than the USD.

Mesh 1 is 110% correct.

I mean if folks would "READ" the article, it is very clear


It's just one reflection of the growing pressure from consumers to bring down retail prices on this side of the border (Canada), in line with the rising value of the Canadian dollar.


go to

It is an online up to the minute currancy converter

as of this minute $50 Canadian is worth $51.77 USD

Live rates at 2007.10.20 15:48:17 UTC
1 USD = 0.965850 CAD

So with that being said, and the CDN dollar worth more than the USD ... this is not a Sony or Walmart thing ... it is a worth economics thing.

I think it is AWSOME being a Canadian. I remember buying stuff from the US a few years back where every $1 US would cost me $1.40 Canadian. It is about time we are back on par. Last time was back in 1973.

A guitar I prices about 4 months ago was going to run me $1400 CDN .. but as of yesterday the local music store got their act together and it will be coming home with me now for the same price I can get it on US sites ...... $900 CDN ..... VERY NICE !! The whole mark-up game and freetrade BS excuses for many Canadian retails is very quickly blowing out the window is the favour of the Canadian consumers.

GoLeafsGo4073d ago

So..I won't have to pay 79.79 (tax included) for a new title?

Mikey_Gee4073d ago

Finally we Canadian will get normal prices.

Now the only thing left for you to do is change that avater


** JOKE **

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