IGN - Why EVE Online Isn't for Everyone

IGN - If there's one problem EVE has that holds it back from a wider audience (ok, sure, there are a few things, but I shall concentrate on just one), it's the sense you can have as a new player of a lack of direction or purpose. There is so much to do that you can sometimes log in without knowing what you should be doing.

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Psychotica2746d ago

I would like to play it but I am not paying a monthly fee to play any game. For now I will just play something like X3 which is bought and paid for.

fatalred alarm2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

I loved EVE but couldn't come up with the montly fee and time. It's a great game though, my number one MMO.

DeadlyFire2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

That is why they are making Dust 514. Free to play. FPSMMO.

I personally like their MMO, but I can't pay 15 bucks a month for game time if I am only playing the game 1 or 2 days every other week. Just a waste of cash. My main problem with MMOs is they don't offer enough payment options for gametime. Make 30 days worth of time cost $15 bucks. Its easy. That is 720 hours of game time right. 1 day is 24 hours. Its about $.50 cent a day with $15 bucks a month rate.

Saryk2746d ago

Why EVE Online Isn't for Everyone?

Well it's like putting your penis in a blender then asking for more.

tdrules2746d ago

Because I like to be paid for doing a job, not pay someone to be allowed to have a job

e-p-ayeaH2746d ago

Well because everyone isnt playing it obviously.

buckley2746d ago

All it really needs is a better tutorial system. The game should first ask you what direction you would like to begin in, and take you that direction.

Instead, this game feels like you need a tutorial to find the tutorials.

Yeah, the game itself isn't for everyone anyway, but with a more accessible tutorial system, at least more people would actually give it a shot.

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