Feature: Brink And The Changing Definition Of A Single Player Shooter

Gamasutra: "As part of Gamasutra's latest feature, Splash Damage CEO Paul Wedgewood explains how he feels the definition of single player shooters is too restrictive -- as his studio's game Brink strives to fundamentally change it.

The game features team-based challenges which can be played cooperatively with human AI or bots. Wedgewood hopes that players will transition from enjoying it as a run-and-gun spectacle to learning the mechanics and eventually play it online -- potentially in tight-knit teams if they get hooked."

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Bathyj2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

So basically SP is like Botzone in Killzone. Everyone, be they bot or human, running around trying to do exactly the same thing you are, either get kills or secure objectives.

Is this the future of SP gaming, to mimic MP online gaming?

God I hope not.

Dont devs realise I want set pieces?
I want scripted WOW moments.
I want a bit of variety in the gameplay.

Most of all I want clever AI, that goes about its own business, that has its own job to do. That doesn't even know I'm there until I make a ruckus.

Graphics, have come so far in games. AI has barely moved. Turning SP gaming into deathmatching is NOT the way for AI to progress in years to come.

But I do thank you. I was curious about this game, but between this article and the Kotaku video, I just saved myself a hundred bucks.

Nitrowolf22777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

i am glad i rented the game. Here i thought it would be some awesome campaign only to find out its exactly like online matches only with cutscenes. I love KZ3 operation, bt only because it was a online mode. It's like UT3 where offline story is pretty much to prepare you and such. This game Story had so much potential, like i said i was hoping fir something deep, but its exactly like playing online.

its a solid game, kind of mad at the grenades, you literally need to be on them or a foot away to get killed/hurt by them.

true. I do love how Brink is doing something different with FPS. I also hate the lack of jumping. You can jump but its like a limp. Its all connected to the power running. i'm curious to see if we can wall run in this game

but not worth the full price IMO

Tony-Red-Grave2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

well right now as is brink is but a smal stepping stone imo hopefully more devs can look into SMART and stttempt to push that into different kinds of FPS.

imo id like to see a 1st party dev try their hands at this


from what ive seen you should be able to wall run almost like in mirrors edge then tansaction straight to a slide though could just be devs showing the game off.

like i said i would love to see something like SMART be implemented into a 1st party dev game since these guys just tend to bring out the max in a console,or PC, and those feauturs running flawlessly or as cose to that as possible would be something to behold on either console.

Killa Aaron2777d ago

This game is not worth $59.99, it's just a mehh game to me as nothing is really exciting about it at all.

RavageX2777d ago

Running along walls is nothing new. This game is just another FPS. Everyone and their mother should be sick of them, and I will be glad with they are on the way out(much like music games...though I love music games).

MasterD9192776d ago

FPS games will always be around...this one might not be. Its been a while since I've seen a game with such mixed reviews all over the place.