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CheatCC says - The first time I played Halo, it really irritated me that melee attacks were so powerful. It's actually better to smack an opponent with a pistol than to shoot him in the face with it. How stupid is that? But eventually, I got it: Halo's unusual elements, like those supercharged melee attacks and the low-gravity bunny-hopping, created a set of physics in the game that doesn't exist on Earth. By adjusting the parameters of reality, the developers got you to play the game in a different way—a way that was actually a lot more fun.

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kyl2772779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

The review copies are all buggy 360 copies, I still have faith in this game. There is a patch incoming for the 360 or maybe it's already out.

The point it, it's rough around the edges but what game isn't? Blops didn't get low reviews even though the PC lauch was a mess with people unable to connect to the online and people with i7's and top of the range GPUs getting low framerates.

joydestroy2779d ago

yep most of the reviews i've seen were of 360 copies. PC kids have said it's amazing (mostly). haven't really seen PS3 people saying too much. guess i'll find out about that when i get home!

in all honesty, i only paid $50 for it for PS3 and if i don't like it i'll keep it for two weeks and sell for $30. works for me!

CrimsonEngage2779d ago

This game is terrible. The lag online KILL THIS GAME. Who's idea was it to make this game P2P? Seriously?

kyl2772779d ago

There are dedicated servers, at least on PC...

shammgod2779d ago

I should play against you then. Sounds like you are getting dominated and dont know how to play, lol

CrimsonEngage2779d ago

This makes no fucking sense once so ever. I know how to play. But i can't play because people have shitty dial up connections.

Trroy2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Not for me. I can't stand bot matches as "SP". Plus, the animations in this game are terrible (guys die in *exactly* the same way, every single time), and grenades are basically pointless -- they're like firecrackers. I suppose that's nice if you.. I dunno.. hate pretty explosions or loud noises in your shooters, or a lot of the stuff that makes shooters fun with a "wow!" moment here and there?

It also takes an insane # of bullets to kill an enemy. I find myself reloading after every kill or two, and I'm not missing. In a close quarters map, with revive and quick respawns... having to reload all the time is basically the reason you need to keep moving. It's not really tactical... its more like playing a button masher, but with the A button to climb all over stuff while you reload and try to pump an entire clip into the next enemy. That might be fun-ish if the maps were larger, and there were more players, etc. Tactics really is what gives longevity to a game though, and this game is a bit lacking.

I spend more time during a single reload than I do dead on the ground, when I'm near my team, if that's any indication of how this game works. Zerging, with super fast revive, seems like a pretty good strategy to overwhelm the enemy.

Gonna sell it fast, before the value drops too much. The character customization is super cool... I got over playing dress-up games after I quit WoW, though. Back to Halo and MAG, for me.