GamePro: Virtua Tennis 4 Review

GamePro: "Virtua Tennis 4 is a victim of the times. Launched in an era when games are transitioning from conventional button controllers to motion-based arrays, Virtua Tennis 4 has the unenviable task of appealing to both crowds. The popularity of the tennis game in Wii Sports proved that motion controls were uniquely well-suited for simulating the sport, and given the Virtua Tennis series' impressive legacy, well, the expectations for Virtua Tennis 4 were higher than Martina Hingis at Wimbledon.

Unfortunately, while Sega needs an elegant overhead smash, Virtua Tennis 4 has the developer shanking ground strokes and basic volleys. What could have been a great step forward for the franchise is instead a largely adequate sports sim that struggles in its attempts to do something new."

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Redempteur2746d ago (Edited 2746d ago )

"Unfortunately, the meter fills up far too infrequently in a match to be anything more than a gimmick."

facepalm ... how about reading what's written on screen for once ?

each super skill is from one of 4 catégories and each categories fill the jauge during some types of moves .

For example ground stroke fill the jauge ONLY when you make a shot while being prepared ( not in a hurry ) and every jauge has conditions .. it's explained in the game TWICE ( not to mention that it's written on the manual too )

How about writing a review AFTER having played the game for once ???

"There were other moments when the ball would simply skip past me because I was so close to the camera, my stroke wouldn't register."
double facepalm .

and how is that the game problem they tell you to stay at least a metter from the camera for it to "see" the move and i see complain because you just ignored a simple and obvious warning ??

i mean ..Sériously ...

spunnups2746d ago

And this was written by a site that had been highly reputable in the past.