GamePro: Lego Pirates of the Caribbean Review

GamePro: "Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is a great example of how much the popular series is beholden to its source material. Or maybe it's an example of what happens when a game has to be developed on relatively short notice? In any case, while it's still a very solid game in its own right, Lego Pirates of the Caribbean is a step back for the Lego line of adorable action-adventure puzzlers.

That's strange, given that the Pirates franchise would seem like a perfect fit for the Lego series. The four movies means that it can easily be divided up into distinct episodes, and the numerous action sequences offer up plenty of fodder for the designers. And yet, the source material manages to both be underutilized and constrain the game's creativity."

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gravemaker2779d ago

wha? played it, it's awesome (like all lego games lately)

motherboop2779d ago

Really GamePro? Have you even played this game outside of the demo? Just because it's another Lego game doesn't mean it deserves a bad review. It's amazing, been playing it for PS3 all day.

colon2779d ago

A 2.5 is average, not "bad". The review header even implies that it isn't a bad game. Disappointing, but still fun.

I should have the 3DS version tomorrow. Not sure why since I'm really tired of these LEGO games (Batman was the best one imo) but I just need a new game to play and I don't think I'll like Brink so I chose this.

motherboop2779d ago

@ Colon

2.5/5 is not average, 7/10 is average. GamePro needs to get their head out of their a$$e$ - they sucked back in the 90's, and they still suck today. Sure everyone is entitled to their own opinion, although they're just begging to be different when it's clearly a solid title based on all other reviews, not to mention my first day experience.