All Roads Lead to Electronic Arts

It’s safe to say that no matter who you are, if you play videogames, you’ve had a changeable relationship with Electronic Arts. EA Sports dominates the view of many gamers, who are a group with as short and selective memory as any other; first we watched bitterly as franchises like Madden brought people from the mainstream into our private world, and then with increasing horror as the business model of yearly release franchises began to spread to our favorite genres. No matter their misdeeds, however, we must ultimately accept that Electronic Arts is a vital part of the industry of making videogames, and has played some role in the release of some of our favorite titles.

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dangert122777d ago

So i walked to the bottom of my road and surprise surprise guess where i ended up? XD lol i kid.

On topic, All roads lead to us the gamer if. we did't support it, they would't do it.Simple as

Soldierone2777d ago

What mis deeds? I hate the online pass thing but EA tried to work a deal with Gamestop to take a percentage from used games. However BOTH sides failed to budge, and in the end we got screwed.

As for games like Madden...the game sells how many millions of units per year? If that number dropped due to "angry fans" then guess what will be improved? Until then they will keep churning it out.

Its like in school. They discipline you for doing wrong. Why? because you won't do it again. If they rewarded you for throwing a pie at a teacher and pulling down girls pants guess what you would be doing every day?

iistuii2777d ago

But can you imagine the exclusives EA would have if they had their own console.

dangert122777d ago

I once thought that and they would sell because of there sports titles would be system sellers, they already are ive seen fifa xbox bundles lol