Is Sony liable to third parties for PSN outage? Ars explores the damage

The PlayStation Network is still down, and Sony isn't giving the press or customers any idea of when we can expect to play online. While this doesn't make the gamers happy, the only thing we have on the line is the cost of the games and our time. For third-party developers it's a matter of business, and selling games that rely on online support on a system where the online play has been disabled is an uphill battle.

Third-party publishers are losing out, and it's hurting their bottom lines. Would they have a case against Sony?

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gaffyh2777d ago

Seriously doubt it. Any court case would side with Sony because they were a victim of a hack an had to take the service down to protect users.

sdtarm2777d ago (Edited 2777d ago )

because this inconvenience has been happening every day since the very start of PSN meaning that the service is not reliable at all right?

Psychotica2777d ago

Someone could sue them for being careless with their security.

gaffyh2777d ago

Well that's already happening, I doubt the publishers could sue Sony for anything.

DragonKnight2777d ago

Such a lawsuit would fail because Sony's security has been proven to not be lax, unlike what the FUD would tell you.

FACT: CC info. was encrypted.
FACT: Apache software was up-to-date and a firewall was in place.
FACT: Sony was still hacked anyway.

Raendom2777d ago

I agree but not because of that. I assume all developers-- big and small, signed an agreement (essentially a EULA, but backwards) that said "Sony are not liable if PlayStation Network has an outage" or something along those lines.

Roper3162777d ago

I would hope they would help the exclusive PSN developers. Screw the companies like Acti & Capcom. But Sony should definitely take care of the smaller exclusive PSN devs.

LOGICWINS2777d ago

Yes, of course, Sony should screw the publisher behind the best selling game on the PS3. Genius!

HardCover2777d ago

Yeah, like Activision is going to really stop making PS3 ports. They're too greedy to boycott Sony because Sony didn't hand them blank checks after they got unfortunately hacked.

DragonKnight2777d ago

*Sigh* Everyone's always looking for a way to blame Sony for this and get blood from a stone aren't they?

Cobra12777d ago

A better idea would be for those 3rd party developers to join Sony in their criminal pursuit of those responsible. Unite, don't divide.

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