Awesome L.A. Noire Billboard in NYC reports: "In a recent Tweet we were tipped on, we get to see a huge L.A. Noire billboard in downtown New York City. With just 1 week left until L.A. Noire's North American release, have you pre-ordered the game yet?"

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Convas2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

Some of the big companies ALWAYS do that for their big games.

I remember when I was in NYC back in Summer of '08, I saw the GTAIV banner and I was thinking, "Wow, that's awesome!"

IllusionRSN2695d ago

Hah yea! Rockstar always does this kinda stuff!

sickbird2695d ago

Valve always puts up billboards on the NJ turnpike when their games come out. I saw L4d and Portal 2. There usually in the same spot too.

TheLastGuardian2695d ago

Shouldn't they have L.A. Noire billboards in Los Angeles?

kramun2695d ago

Wow you're clever. Do you think they won't have them in LA as well? Hmm, let's think on this.....

Speed-Racer2695d ago

He states an obvious point which a lot of you all missed