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Xbox 360's with Forza and Ultimate Alliance Now Being Sold

Xbox 360's with Forza Motorsport 2 and Marvel Ultimate Alliance are now being sold at EB Games for the regular price of $349 (Xbox 360)

gogators  +   2474d ago
Though Marvel Alliance had little substance,
it was an easy game to play. Really not that high of a learning curve and a good game for the casual gamer. Forza 2 certainly is not and really wasn't a good choice from MS. Many of my friends gave up on the game, far to daunting if you hadn't spent a lot of time with the original. Inclusion games should be fun and at least a little easy to pick-up.
Laka  +   2474d ago
I would rather see them take out those 2 free games and slash the price to $299. That will make it looks like a better deal.

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