PlayStation 3: The Powerhouse Of Possibilities

The Sony PlayStation 3 is an example of how you can give your customers everything and the kitchen sink.

Although the Xbox 360 and Wii also have some non-game functions, the PlayStation 3 takes it to another level.

It's an all-in-one entertainment powerhouse, featuring everything from web surfing, home entertainment network support, storage, DVD and Blu-ray movie playback, and the ability to run proper desktop Linux distributions.

The PS3 is also a graphics powerhouse, capable of producing ultra-detailed graphics at high-definition resolutions (1080p is natively supported).

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razer4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

The 360 does everything but freakin Blu-Ray and 7.1 (does 5.1), storage(wtf is that mean?) and DVD Playback. It also upscales everything via the build in scaler chip which the PS3 does not have. With HDMI or VGA you can do native 1080p as well.

I can surf the web, access network media, its got TV and PVR functions, web portal, Movies on demand and you can even run Linux if your willing to downgrade the kernal and use the shader exploit. :)

WilliamRLBaker4076d ago

Actually The 360 does 7.1 playback if said dvd supports it last I checked, and I all so do believe it supports dvd playback *by what you said it doesn't*

and storage who knows, Last I checked the 360 has an optional harddrive and most people that own one have an harddrive.

Its funny how they mention all the stuff ps3 does, and about 90% of users wont even take advantage of, Specially linux a good 98% of users aren't gonna take advantage of that abbility.

Every thing else the ps3 can do the 360 can do besides linux and blu ray.

SonySoldiers4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

You can't beat the PS3's ULTRA POWERHOUSE!

Stop bashing the mighty Playstation 3!

Please trust on SONY! The almighty God of ultra graphics with unlimited possibilities.

Realtime 60FPS 1080P Raytraced games in 7.1 for Playstation 3 are coming soon... fasten your seatbelts!


gamesR4fun4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

woa been puffing on M$ green?

blu/ray wifi hd built in at launch bluetooth wireless controller hdmi 1080p...

look 360 has got its strong points but its no wheres near ps3 for gear heh even if you deck it out for more than you'd spend on a ps3 you'll never see bluetooth b/r or games that need a hd...

and dont forget its sexy while xbox is just geeky

edit bluetooth is great has far has game accessories go its only limited to the devs imagination and for all our keyboard mouse headphone etc its the cat's @$$. the 360 will never have full 1080p support and lets not forget a little thing we ps3 fans like to call product reliability...
Another overlooked aspect of the ps3 if its one heck of a media center out of the box. For 400 bucks you can watch/listen to anything off your pc via wireless in hd! We're buying a second so i can have a wired one for my online gaming and personal use and another in the livingroom has our media hub and family ps3. (tho saving for it might be tough with all the great games this year)

2 b fair xbox has the most games right now and in processing power it stands up to the ps3 a lot better than Sony would like us to think. The thing is that without bigger than dvd format and standard hd its holding back the games imo (fact is if they woulda put hd/dvd and a h/d standard ps3 might never of had a chance)

razer4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

@1.1 - That had some bad punctuation. Yes, you are right it does support DVD Playback. I'm not so sure about the 7.1 however. I agree with everything else you said and I do know that people are running Linux on the 360 but it's not supported out of the box and not considered "legal" I guess.

@1.3 - I did say Blu-ray and what are you going to do with Bluetooth besides sync a headset. The 360 has wireless controllers that use it's own signal.. I don't really see how Bluetooth is a benefit, just a protocol they chose. MS has already stated games can require and HDD, the upcoming Call of Duty for example. PS3 is like a grill and the 360 is well kinda geeky. I've never like the shape or either of them to be honest.

I will add that PS3 has card reader slots and Keyboard/Mouse support for games. The 360 supports a keyboard but not for games. You can buy an adapter to support k/m, but it's gotten mixed reviews. The 360 has things like customer soundtracks and unified online presence across all games.. It depends what's more important to you.

@#15: That's news too me.

I know the FW 1.8 update fixed some of it.. But..

nasim4076d ago

360 cannot run games at 1080p at 60fps

360 is a grabge console with 1/10 as powerful as the ps3.

360 cant do post rendering/deferred rendering /ray tracing .

x360 is gimped . for ps3 vs 360 here is the article i wrote

***************************** ******************************* **********


CELL is around 4--5x as powerful as the QUAD CORE processor. Anyone who runs FOLDING HOME project will notice that CELL dissipates 250GFLOPS of energy per sec

However lets get down to the benchmaks
***************************** ****************************

IN RAW FLOPS crunching CELL is 3x as XENON

However XENON cant do any of procedural sysnthesis of PROFX

Neither can it do TRE,RAYTRACING,RAYCASTING ,Linear matrices at 256k etc

***************************** ****************

IBM's take on XENON and CELL.

Note:- IBM is the maker of both CELL and XENON

Speed Thrills: Cell Zaps Rivals
Xbox 360
Pentium 4
Extreme Edition 840

Sources: Microprocessor Report; IBM.

IBM themselves are stating that CELL is 3x as powerful as XENON in raw flops crunching. NOTE :- this report was released prior to the release of OCTOPILER ----the default compiler for CELL.

***************************** *********************

Here are the complete list of Benchmarks for Cell .
NOTE:- all these were released before the advent of OCTOPILER.

BUT according to these benchmarks a CELL is around 20x as powerful as any of the High end DUEL -CORE desktop processors including XEONS and OPTERONS

Cell beats 7800gt by 6:1 .This should give people an idea about why KZ2,LAIR and other ps3 titles look wayy better than anything available on any other platform. Cell's ability to carry out Graphical tasks are also consolidated with this benchmark

****Now MC systems take on Cell

RESULT:- Cell murders PC cores

***************************** ***************************
Now lets see what [email protected] Berkeley had to say on CELL

RESULT :- in SP calculation (which is related to gaming ) a Cell is a minimum of 10x as powerful as the most powerful OPTERON available today. The margin shoots to 60x in some perf like TRE and STENCIL

***************************** *************************

This is IBM's take on CELL.
NOTE :- the becnhmarks were released prior to the release of OCTOPILER

RESULT :- Cell murders competition

***************************** ************************

MIT ---world's no 1 university in engineering is claiming that the performace of CELL could be multiplied even by 6x/7x with the release of a bypass multipurpose and multiphase COMPILERS

***************************** *************************


a CELL processor is roughly 5x as powerful as 2X QUAD CORE setup.


thanks to BEYOND 3D and PSU

***************************** *******************

Unlike normal processors a Cell do do full fledged raytracing at 720p @ 30fps

IN RAYTRACING a CELL is 130 x as FASTER as XENON /any duel core processor available today




a CELL beats 8800 GTX in RAYTRACING by 5:1



NOW lets head to GPU.

there has been common misconception all around that RSX is weaker than XENOS which is utter BS

Lets take down the benchmarks of the 2

***************************** *****************

PS3 can do 51 billion dot products per second

XENOS can do 33 billion dot products per second

NOTE :--although RSX is 7800gtx/7900gtx based ..Its architecture has been tweaked later by NIVIDIA


7800gtx has 24 pixel shaders .
RSX has 28 pixel shaders . 24 of them are active and 4 are partially disabled at the moment

XENOS on the other hand is R420 based.

Here is anandtech's take on XENOS

The unified shader thing is a hoax and unlike the dedicated shaders of RSX xenos' unified pipelines are indeed very weak

RSX has a texel filrate of 13.2 g/s
XENOS has a texel filrate of 8g/s

RSX can do 136 shader ops per second
XENOS can do 96 shader ops per second

RSX has 32 dedicted pixel shaders and 8 vertex shaders
XENOS has 48 unified shaders

RSX has a clock freqency of 550 HZ
XENOS has a clock frequency of 500MHZ

RSX is DX 9 compatible but supports all future revisions of OPEN GL
XENOS supports DX 9 C+ and supports OPEN GL till 2.0 ONLY

RSX has a diameter of 258mm^2 and is a 90nm chip
7900gtx has a diamter of 196mm^2 and is also a 90nm chip
Xenos has a diameter of 160mm^2 for the mother die and 100mm^2 for the daughter die

PS3 has a total bandwidth of 22g/s + 28g/s ( video + system)
XENOS has a total bandwidth of 22g/s (unified).the edram bandwidth of 256g/s is irrelevant at resolutions above 720p.

even at lower resolutions it makes up for the lack of 360s total bandwidth . However this theory fails in games which reqires intrinsic data processing eg UT3 and DEAD RISING

***************************** ***********************

CONCLUSION:_ BY all means a CELL thx to EDGE and iRT is a minimum of 10x as powerful as the XENON. However the margin shoots up in some applications as revealed by the benchmarks.

The CELL excels in anything that requires heavy processing. A QUAD CORE to some extent can do those calculations at a much slower speed . However the XENON cant do any of the HEAVY INTRINSIC PROCESSING as in PROCEDUAL SYNTHESIS of PROFX (see above)

The RSX is also significantly more powerful than XENOS but not as efficient at the moment . BUT things would change just like the way it had after the inclusion of EDGE,iRT and RAPIDMIND SDK for PS3.

***************************** *************************

The RAPIDMIND SDK is just a tweaked version of SDK that is normally used with supercomputers.

[url] https://developer.rapidmind...

***************************** *************************

FINAL WORDS:- BY all means a CELL is wayy more powerful than not just XENON but naything available in the market today.
RSX is also more powerful than XENOS but we will have to wait a little more to see the JALWA

C_SoL4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

anyways you tube does work on the net..well at least on mines

SofaKingReetodded4076d ago

that's equivalent to dropping a nuke in the ownage department, the sad part is these troglodytes will just keep yapping their nonsense about how the 360 is the better

Dark_Overlord4075d ago

F**kin Hell

I wanna see someone try and argue with that

At first your comments were just blatant insults and nothing else, but just recently you're backing up everything your saying and I think your posts are some of the best to read on here. Good going Positive feedback, you need more bubbles

jessupj4075d ago

Excellent post nasim, no one can disagree with solid facts. Bubble for you :)

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toughNAME4076d ago

but until it at least puts a dent into the GAME department...I won't be buying it

plain and simple.

sanderFVCKINcohen4076d ago

Other than that Xbox 360 has way better online features than the PS3(with all the movies and many arcade games, and online gameplay with friends), and naturally has more games than PS3.

But, ill agree, I just end up buying me one by next year when FF & MGS comes out. Just too see how well it turns out. Besides that, 360 has the games I want this comeing holiday and the only game I see I want on the PS3 is UT3, thats it.

Jandre024076d ago

Currently the PS3 doesnt have those online movie features, but seeing as Sony does make movies and music, and seeing as we all know Home is coming, the Xbox360 will be outgunned in every category soon.

The PS3 is just the better buy, minus the games library. But that changes next year as well.

I really cant see a reason for buying a 360, other than being impatient. But if your that impatient, why not buy a Wii?

wangdiddy824076d ago

will happen after uncharted, haze, and rachet/clank drop. To me the dent has already happened.. There are a lot of good games to be played on the ps3..

Anyway finally someone wrote a good article about the ps3.. Im shocked.. lol

ruibing4076d ago

Yeah, me too. Who started that anyways with all the anti-Sony and anti-PS3 sentiments on forums and in the news? But I hope its dying down now so we can get some real news and discussions. Maybe an open gaming platform would be a good thing in the far future...

WilliamRLBaker4076d ago

but by consumer opinion is not a dent or the ps3 would have sold more by now.

toughNAME4076d ago

the list used to be

Lair, HS, Warhark, Folklore...uncharted, haze, and rachet/clank

now the list is just ....uncharted, haze, and rachet/clank

its getting shorter..chances are this will continue

djevolve4076d ago

All I see is talk from ps3, thats it. The ps3 has no games and the xbox online kicks the ps3 to shreds, it's all about the games an every good game ps3 has is coming to xbox. Watch god of war too.
xbox all the way but believe me we need you to keep our prices down

Ace_Shooter4076d ago

Some of those games on the list have already come out. While Warhawk is a great game HS and certainly Lair did not live to some expectations. BUT, they're not terrible games either, certainly not HS. But hey i guess you don't need them since the 360 has the amazing Bullet Witch, Tenchu Z, Perfect Dark Zero and Shadow Run. (TONS of sarcasm lol) Surprisingly some of those 2nd gen 360 games look less stellar than PS3s 1st gen games. But hey the PS3 is much harder to develop for isn't it?? (tons of sarcasm also) lol.

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tocrazed4you4076d ago

Will be better next year, so much exclusive games coming out next year for the ps3 and we also got home rolling in. Phew can't wait, but yeah I do agree there aren't as many games as we would want and the online could be better. But it is free,and there is barely any lag in the games so can't complain much.