PlayStation Network Outage Could 'Adversely' Affect Call of Duty

PlayStation Network remains down and there's no announced date for when it'll be restored. This has been hurting online gaming, the downloadable games sector, and DLC for popular titles, such as Call of Duty: Black Ops.

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Raven_Nomad2773d ago

New Map pack is definitely tops. Would be ashame if PS3 people didn't get their scheduled chance to play it.

Dynasty20212773d ago

Here's a thought;

Try a good game instead of CoD.

Ricco-Warrior2773d ago

like resistance , battlefield,crysis 2, duke nukem forever, and other games that don't let your man hood drive away from 6 hours of your life

Fishy Fingers2773d ago

If it werent timed 'exclusive' you wouldnt of had such headaches.

clintos592773d ago

Every game that is affiliated with psn is hurting but sony is hurting the most. I believe they want psn back up as much as anyone does but dont want to bring it up until they think it will be ready to comeback up. Im hoping they can atleast bring the multiplayer part of psn up this week.

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