CastleVania Dracula X for the Wii VC Video Review

Check out this video review on CastleVania Dracula X for the Nintendo Wii VC. This game looks pretty sweet.

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ChickeyCantor4074d ago

it also goes by the name of vampires kiss or something, the music and environment of this game are sometimes better then castlevania 4 but the Whip in Castlevania 4 is way better then in castlevania: draculaX

live3604074d ago

Not sure. I have never really got into castlevania games. Which one should I try out if I want to try and get into them?

ChickeyCantor4073d ago

you could always try and download the roms and just TEST the games=P

but i don't know the music in Castlevania 4 is more classic and the whip is more flexible, you can whip enemies in any direction.
and the gfx ain't that bad its has a more of a darker tone.

Castlevania X has music that is more modern in contrast with C:4.
the gfx are good the darker tones aren't always there, but the only thing thats a con: the whip ....its left or right.

but i would get them both anyway XD castlevania is just awesome, well to me it is.