Hitman 5 Reveal Incoming

IO Interactive have been building up the buzz for another Hitman game, but today they give us a rather obvious hint that the next title in the series could be seeing an announcement in just a couple of days.

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iamnsuperman2779d ago

Please let this be true. Been waiting a long time for a hint of Hitman 5

BushLitter2779d ago

Same here. Loved the Hitman franchise, can't wait for another. Hopefully it's still as immersive as the others.

redDevil872779d ago

and it doesn't get noobed up like other games

AAACE52779d ago

Agreed! But I hope they took the time to make this game better. It was good already, but it needed more!

More realistic gameplay! Co-op gameplay! Multiplayer gameplay!

BushLitter2779d ago

Well, AI Tech has grown in leaps and bounds since the last Hitman.

Making the game too realistic might make it impossible to beat!

Unless you're a SEAL

NovusTerminus2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

Never really played Hitman much in the past... But with so little stealth games any more and with Tenchu currently M.I.A. I am prolly going to pick up Hitman 5.

soundslike2779d ago (Edited 2779d ago )

If its still a stealth game...

"Our QA Testing has told us that its boring to walk. So now you can run to your target. Since You will be running, stealth will be impossible without killing everyone alive, so now you have bullet time. Since it would take too long to hide the bodies, they just disappear. We also found that the testers had trouble aiming, so now your target kills himself when you enter the room. This is NextGenStealthRevampedExtreme2 012"


Luckily they are no longer with Ubisoft, so my overreaction may be misplaced. Time will tell.

I'd just hate to see another good game get simplified and streamlined chasing down a demographic amused with linear turkeyshoots or worse: SC:Conviction

NovusTerminus2779d ago

Great comment, and I fully agree. SC:Conviction was kind of a disaster! The coop was kinda fun though.

I hope Hitman stays complex. I prefer games with steep learning curves and hard levels. (Hince the avy)

kookie2779d ago

Yes they said that they will announce this week

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