GT5 Prologue Captures: 59 Screenshots, 2 Videos

Here are some captures from the demo of Gran Turismo 5: Prologue now available on the japanese PSN.

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unrealgamer584074d ago

game makes pgr4 and forza 2 look like burger kings pocket bike racer

Close_Second4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago ) about you compare this to GT4 and stop with the f**king digs at anything thats not PS3. No matter where you turn on this site there's always another f**king fanboy with his head up his own ass.

Now, lets get onto some subjective observations about the images.

1. I was hoping for a higher poly count on the track. I still see slightly angled corners (check out the white lines on the sides of the track) rather than nice curves.

2. Repeated textures. Given that Blu-Ray has bounds of capacity why are the environmental texture maps repeated so many times. Just look at the white fence panels for example, its the same panel over and over and over.

3. Reflections don't look right - they look all jaggy.

4. Cars don't reflect other cars. They do in PGR4 however, its not the best but at least its an attempt to do so.

5. Trees and foliage look average. Lots of layered 2D bitmaps to give an illusion of 3D. This is no better than how they did it on the PS2.

6. Dashboard shadows are jaggy.

7. Rear view mirrors (top and side) clearly show objects poping-out of view. Again, this does not appear to be much of an improvement over GT4.

8. Particle effects are still as they have always been. Dust acts like steam and its not effected by the draft from other cars driving through it.

Ok, so this is a demo but these screen grabs don't do the game justice in my opinion. Colours look washed out and although they look better than Forza 2 (if we must compare), they do not display anything thats light years ahead. However, in motion this game does indeed impress.

I think we should all keep the hype for this game to a minimum. Sure it looks good and will sell millions of copies but to me I think the PS3 could still do better.

Bits-N-Kibbles4074d ago

Your a whiney douche, let people appreciate this fine peace of gaming. People worked crazy hard on this game and deserve the attention.

Close_Second4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago ) you're saying that nobody worked hard to bring us Forza 2?

When 360 owners try to appreciate that game GT fanboys crap all over them. I am in no way crapping over GT5 but merely pointing out some of the aspects of the graphics that were present in GT4.

You can't one day praise everything PS3 then the next day overlook aspects of a game that look and behave last gen. Nothing I have listed above could not be addressed by the PS3 and I dare say it will be in GT6.

FYI - I am just as critical as this with any next-gen title on any format that people proclaim is the next coming of Christ. However, which aspects of the comments I made earlier (1-8) did you find I was wrong about?

Oh yes, finally - at least I didn't just say the game sucks or hit disagree and not provide any commentary as to why I might think that. Not like so many spineless fanboys.

Again, this site is testiment to the Sony fanboy. That is, say anything against their precious PS3 or PS3 exclusives and they hit disagree like a pack of lemmings. How many of them took shots at Halo 3 because it wasn't even running @720p however, that was the effort of many people for many years. Basically, if you're going to hit disagree then at least have the balls to say why without it being a personal attack.

The fact of the matter still remains that GT5 will not look as good as GT6 but both will be released on the PS3.

Lord Anubis4074d ago (Edited 4074d ago )

the game looks amazing in a 60" 1080p screen.

nekon4074d ago

Change cars. The GT-R view isn't included.. I believe this has to do with the fact that it has not been officially shown just like the front and rear which is masked. While photos have been leaked, these cars are licensed property. More content, possibly a GT-R interior will be added through the JPN Auto show later this month into next. Let me just say, interior view is AMAZING.

mustash20034073d ago

wow, i just felt something stir in my pants:D
This game is just phenomenal

tientch14074d ago

wasn't going to buy this game, but jeeeezz with those graphics
I am starting to think about it.
well we will see.

WAR4074d ago

I just played the demo and its so nasty!

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